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  1. I'm from Quebec (In Canada) so my mother language is French. My name is Michael Roussel. Rmk was rm4 before and rm4 was rousselm4 before. Roussel is my last name and m is the first letter of my first name. I don't know why it's 4, rousselm4 was my user login on the computers at my school! I like 0ad.
  2. I finally found a weird file in binaries/system! I deleted it and now it's working! Thank you for you answer! EDIT: Screenshot of the file:
  3. Nice to have MonkeySnakeCrocodileMaybe LizardCrabCat
  4. It's very nice! Great job! But you should add more trees! Post other screenshot if you can!
  5. When I do a «svn up 0ad», I get that error: Updating '0ad':svn: E000022: Error converting entry in directory '/home/rmk/prog0ad/0ad/binaries/system' to UTF-8svn: E000022: Valid UTF-8 data(hex: 01)followed by invalid UTF-8 sequence(hex: a7 02 c6 01)It's not the first time i update it! It's worked a lot of time before...Do you know what is the problem?
  6. In map without water, you will give the player the possibility to build well? Depending on where you build the well it can give more or less water.. I.e: On top on mountain it give less water. Near from another well, it give less water or you simply can't build it. Also, you can give different bonus depending on the unit.. I.e : Male can be better with well and female can be better with river. It's only idea, you do what you want!
  7. Can we make a system like that: New user's first ticket must be verified, if it's ok, the moderator give the user full access. If it's a spam ticket, the moderator simply delete the user. I don't know if it's possible to that.
  8. People can already use the support elephant in the Mauryans civ to do that. I don't know if there is other units that can do that... So, we can let the user choose if they want to play with the Mauryans to have the support elephant or we can add an equivalent unit in each civilisations.. It's not too hard to code. We do a copy of the elephant template, but we change the visual actor and some attributes like name, description, etc. Anyway I think it's better to not do that. Because with only the Mauryan's support elephant, that give a different game style depending on the civ the user choose.
  9. I think it's a good idea, not only for your resolution problem but also for accessibility purpose. It can be useful for somebody who have a problem with his vision. Do we can simply add another bigger font, and, in the settings of the game, we will be able to choose which font to load? One with a normal size and one with a big size. If it's not hard to do, it can be interesting to add that..
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