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  1. Why making it difficult with one market per CC?? And not just a minimal distance between markets, like towers have?? This seems to be easier to understand.
  2. That is depending on the fedora repository, could be tomorrow or it takes month If you want to play A19 right away: build it from source (that is what I do at F22, need to up...). See http://play0ad.com/download/source/ for the download (and instructions)
  3. In my opinion this only will make coding and the interpretation of the values more difficult. The percentages are the percentage of the strenght of an attack of that type what will be deducted from in hp. Also comparing can be done with the percentages too and you even have more information than.
  4. For OpenSUSE you need to do some special things see:http://play0ad.com/download/linux/#OpenSUSE Also, you can try and install the dependencies manually. There is a list somewhere at http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions. Another thing is building the game from source see: http://play0ad.com/download/source/ Hope this helps a bit....
  5. The spam filter in the trac seems to be hating me: it rejects almost all posts and I even cannot prove it is not spam with the pictures. I understand we don't want spammers in the trac but at the moment it is hurting me. Is there any way to get around the spam filter?
  6. I did some tiny tiny patches: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3311 and http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3300 nicked bb in trac, real name Bouke Jansen
  7. The current state is that the barter prices are global. Everyone pays and gets the same amount of resource.
  8. Have a look at this: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Manual_OtherFeatures#Barter
  9. So spears have more charge but less recular attack then swords.
  10. Thanks Lion for showing me the gaps in my mind Slingers should be good vs buildings indeed Maceman: weak vs all units (no armor) but good vs buildings. Being living siege. Chariot: can trample down all infantry, shoot down ranged cav. but vulnerable to all other cav. Elephant: Good vs mellee infantry (stampede) and cav (terror), but easy to kill with any ranged. Also good vs building; another walking siege machine Ranged Elephant: having great health, so being able to stand long against vs any mellee. Attack from a long range but slow movement and vulnerable to other ranged. Siege ram: stand long to ranged attacks. Good vs building (walls even better). Vulnerable vs mellee and woman. City siege equipment. Catapult: good vs building and masses. Have long range to shoot inside towns etc. Hold long vs ranged. Vulnerable to mellee and woman. City siege equipment. Bolt shooter: field artillery, to shoot down some incoming units: high attack and medium/long range. Hold long vs ranged But slow movement and Vulnerable to mellee and woman. Woman: weak vs everything but siege (Spartan have some bonus). Good at gathering food Slaves (converted units -not in game yet-): weak vs everything. Good at mining.
  11. My ideas about unit roles: Sword infantry: basic infantry for Romans; taking missiles from enemy and hold force for enemy's infantry. For other civs elite infantry with same role. Do not counter cav!! Spear/hoplites: Same role as Roman sword for other civs (taking fire and holding infantry) AND DO counter for cav. Pikeman: special hoplite, elite in holding infantry and cav from the front almost without losses. Vulnerable to missiles and flank/back. Spear cav: shock/charge force. Good to ride down skirm and charge melee infantry from flanks/back. Too fast to really be hurt by skirm. Sword cav: counter for spear cav (good up-close) and good vs buildings. Like city flanking unit. Too fast for skirm but very vulnerable any mellee infantry. Ranged cav: basic cav made for the hunt. Using hit and run to kill other cav (fastest cav). Do little damage to infantry too. Countered by any ranged infantry. Javelin: pikeman and ranged cav and other skirm killer at close range. Vulnerable to mellee cav. Less good than regular mellee infantry but ok in mellee. Archer: like javelin but less attack and long range. So slower killing at longer range. Very vulnerable in mellee. Slinger: good versus all infantry at medium range. Very vulnerable in mellee.
  12. Personally I like having the soldiers be the same as workers. This distinguish 0ad from other RTS, so this makes 0ad more unique. Another thing: your point of the need to put soldiers back to work manually is untrue. There is a "back to work" button near the minimap (something like a wheel). I hope this would make your annoyance smaller. Agree with this, the counter schema is a bit vague. Some little notes like -spear horse--> ranged infantry --> Spear infantry --> sword horse --> spear horse- or -spear infantry --> horses --> ranged infantry --> mellee infantry- are often made in the forums. But a overall schema might be useful. Another thing related to this is the fact 0ad uses soft counters from which it is harder to make a proper counter schema, than with using hard counter. (Soft counters do have positive sides too!)
  13. I am just saying that when I remove this single line the batch training with shift+Z is working again. With that line the hotkey is not working here too.
  14. I have the same problem here. The hotkey is broken too in the barracks. The reason it is broken is a duplicate definition of the shift+Z combination. At least CTRL+shift+Z is used for some camera zooming and when I remove this hotkey from "default.cfg" the Z batches are working again. I am speaking about romoving line 200 in "default.cfg": zoom.speed.increase = "Ctrl+Shift+Z" ; Increase zoom speedWe can solve this problem by changing this hotkey too.
  15. Indeed that is the nom. singular, I took the dat. Here some more greek words with almost the same meaning: sumballoo (and many forms of these verb) -- to unite summisgoo -- to combine sunakoloutheoo -- to go with sunaptoo -- to unite etc. I could fill a few pages with these words, but Syllepsis seems to be the nicest word.
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