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  1. Welcome to my post, friends and family of 0ad and Com I would like to welcome you into my head, below i will be giving you some of the ideas and planns i have for my mods and some new mods i am planning Base Mods Cloth Blood Reward
  2. well i have my github for my editor so i am good with that
  3. @Hepha, i thought that was what i created my git, although you never showed me how to include in the com repositories
  4. because they will be used only by the toolkit
  5. This really isnt for game features, this is mainly to be used for creating mods, i havent finished this post, will do when im finished with a few other things, btw can i get the programmers sig please
  6. Here is for all requests that are for the modding tools
  7. Please Report any bugs you have found with the modding tools here
  8. Here i will keep all the mod tools updated there will be a seperate form for requests/bugs ‚ÄčImportant information WFG will not embrace my modding tools if i keep it closed source but I have decided to keep it closed source for now to keep the control of the current movement/progress in my own hands, maybe when I complete the editor then i will move it to Open Source, but for now my program stays Closed Sincerly, Mute Lovestone Current Release: git) Planned Release: A preview can be found on the Realms-Of-Magic github website https://github.com/MuteLovestone/Realms-Of-Magic/tree/master/Toolkit Current Preview image
  9. So I am combining all my programs into a 0ad modding toolkit
  10. Pretty sure it has to be png format but not positive
  11. I would say yes due to fact that if we add to much to the pyro. Sooner or later massive lag will follow
  12. Both for outline. And on image you showed go two darker
  13. Well maybe i can make a version of this in c# then you can end up converting over to web? just a thought, Awsomely, Mute Lovestone
  14. Looks good, but posibly a little darker green, and replace the black with brown Sincerly, Mute Lovestone
  15. Lmao this topic has kinda shifted what it was to be about, but Please If you have idea for a program for me to make please put {Req_Po} at the top of the post Sincerly, Mute Lovestone
  16. if you want you can move programs to tutorials & guides, and please do add these ideas to your idea post
  17. Mutation Tech=MuTec Animal Training=Antr
  18. Here is A collection of my mods including their variants Updated Mods Water Resources Requires at version of 0AD greater then Build 21 Download Water Resource V0. Old and outdated Mods have been removed
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