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  1. Currently i need a icon for the wooden bridge and the hele_bridge, bench (this list is subject to change)
  2. look i dont do gui. i said that already
  3. you would be better of learning on newer version, due to big differences
  4. if you want it to be that way, you make the mod, i make my mod the way i like
  5. TODO: Document the mod for now here are some images and a lil bit of detail 1) buildable eyecandy (requires gardener) 2) gardener unable to get resources 3) build rate 3.0 so fast builder for eyecandy 4) currently only bench buildable GitHub-Hope you enjoy Images updated 1) added 7 more eye candy objects including 2 bridges 1) added 4 more eye candy objects including a orchard
  6. Hepha can you move buildable eye candy to my section, will start github for it when i get a few more things done with it
  7. nvm i dont need this, i used tower build and it worked
  8. yea but i have to rework the js that controls his movement
  9. lol i need people to make the actors and things like that, i will do the rest
  10. well would like some stone in it, so i can use it for a few other things, please start a list of new eyecandies, or a link to where i can get more, currently limited to just a few
  11. i dont have astria just the svn but ill take a look
  12. i need a building base, ie like what shows when you lay down a house, except i need it about 1x2 please and thank you
  13. yea sorry i am running svn and alpha 15 na the new one should run fine
  14. lol, well i hope you like it, will be adding some more things to build, will end up adding some art tasks, atm it requires a my custom eye candy builder so look for the new tasks
  15. hmmm you can change the ai to be sandbox style
  16. If you look on the image my hawk doesnt have any icon, i need icon for it, will upload image of all the animals
  17. Animal traning V1.2.0.0 Alpha 16 screenshot
  18. sure, just have someone make an image which you think would be good with the resource, 1 64X64 and one 16x16, then get back to me, and ill add it to the game
  19. well ill look into things, i wont promise anything, but i will look into things
  20. what exactly do you mean by fibonacci?
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