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  1. well i was planning on at least 3 versions 1) Mythology(1 faction for each mythology type) 2) Pure Magic 3) Horror fantasy difference between zombies and skeletons 1) zombies have no ability to use weapons 2) skeletons have the knowledge of the past ie better with weapons 3) zombies have group mentality 4) zombies have the smell of rotting flesh as far as modding, i have a great knowledge of c# and visual basics what i can do is when i get home i can write up a few plans of what i have then i will attach it when im done with it and like you suggested to veridagorin i am already in middle of store and after while will be making a whole mod based on story but as 0ad is already getting skeletons, (at least they look more like skeletons then zombies) we will not really need to add
  2. ahh i have the xmb files because they are in the download that you get with the game @_@
  3. ahh so it must be i goofed when trying to add a tech to the walls opps cuz the xmb are cashed.xmb files
  4. so basicly we could end up make 2 factions 1) Mythology? 2) Horror-fantasy if i understood you right i added list to the first post so what would you have in mind for like the technology type ideas and anything else you can think of
  5. hmmm alright, they are in public.zip with the templates
  6. exactly what are the xmb files and how do i create them?
  7. walls that can regrow(ie walls made of vines so they regrow instead of repair) same with buildings Vampire effects (turning the dead) Reanimation (ZOMBIES!!! RUN lol) controlable animal units, ie Dogs, Rhino's converting animals maybe powers ie spells?
  8. 1) (off topic) your pic reminds me of the move "the last samurai) 2) Thanks, well ill try to make it a project after i get more in line with the scripts, sence i know nothing of textures and 3d models 3) So give your ideas about what you think would work as far as fantasy type things you would like to see in a mod
  9. Hello, i know that it is 0ad but i am hopeing to form a team or become part of a team that would like to bring some Fantasy type content to 0ad, ie. magic type upgrades, expanding magic users Ie Healers i want to bring alot more things into the mix, currently learning fully how to mod 0ad but so far i am just wanting to get some peoples ideas about this type of mod List of current ideas please if anyone else has ideas please post and i will add to our list
  10. alright, thank you both, well how do i make the cashed.xmb file from the xml file? sorry for so many questions, used to working with skyrim and oblivion
  11. sorry not exactly sure what you mean
  12. ok, thank you very much, was wondering if i could make it so a soldier can research something ie add tech to a soldier
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thank you very much, will let you know if any further questions
  14. First off i would like to say hello. Second off i hope this is the correct place But i was wondering why none of my technologies i am making are showing up in game how do i add my tech to a building
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