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  1. 20 minutes ago, feneur said:

    I would think that the garrison system would be a good start for an inventory system, depending on what one intends to do it might not be too difficult to use it as a base, but at the very least I'm sure inspiration can be taken from it :)

    Kool thank you for giving me an idea

    @niektb Permissions still wont let me write. you have me as a member in the orgonization. thats why it probably didnt work. when i created them it was right after i made the orgonization

    Progress note. got water resources working now. but still need to test to see if it works in current version


  2. Hello and welcome.

    So i have come back from a long time away. and decided to update my mods. well the first one being updated is the Water resource mods.

    so I am here to politly ask if anyone would be willing to create

    1) water

    2) water_small


    I leave the look up to who ever chooses to pick up this task.



    Mute Day Lovestone,

    Council of Modders.

  3. 1 minute ago, Lion.Kanzen said:


    An inventory like Warcraft game, you pick object same as a RPG game and give boost or can consume.




    to be honest with you. with 0ad i wouldnt even know where to start. but ill take a look and see if i can. but will have to wait till i update my mods


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  4. @niektb Do you mind adding me as able to commit to my repositories (i no longer have access to commit from being removed) 



    1) train_animal

    2) Construct_eyecandy

    3) resource__water

    4) ModdingToolkitSource

    5) ModdingToolkit

    6) Loot Blood Reward

    7) Mutation Tech

    8) Fantasy Mod


    Thank you in advance. And happy to announce i have already Started updating the mods.




  5. So i know I've been gone for a long time.


    And to all of those who enjoyed my work im proud to announce that i will be coming back to it.


    For anyone familiar with my work can you guys give me some points that majorly need updated please.



    Mute Day Lovestone

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