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  1. When you click the text, you go to first post of the thread. But if you click the red dot in front of title, you get to the first unread post.
  2. I am on Windows 7 and can't alt-tab without crashing anywhere except main menu. There was one release which didn't crash on me when alt-tabbing, I don't remember which anymore. I have integrated Intel graphics, and run fullscreen. The game works mostly fine except for this...
  3. My 2c: Just asking for / accepting students won't work. School work is about having explicit, rigid goals and structure so that the work and progress can be evaluated and graded. Supporting materials are available, covering all the expected problems, and there is someone to consult with, whose job is being there for you. You know where you start and where to go. Open source is generally a chaotic movement in the general direction. When you have time and motivation, you help pushing, when not, you are not needed. Information is scarce and you are expected to look yourself before asking, since no one is compelled to take care of you. You do what's fun for you. These are two rather incompatible cultures. Usually you need someone who dedicates himself to taking care of the students - and screen them to get rid of these who would sink like a stone without constant support. In the best case, a student already taking part in an open source project decides himself to try getting credit for cheap out of his hobby.
  4. A few notes on SandJ's observations... Boarding a ship was always crazy. I never understood why the ship tries to move at all? It should stop when in contact with a shore or something. The "long walk" is most often in the opposite direction, or that was my impression. It does feel a bit as if some number goes unexpectedly negative (or is it actually a vector?). It happens most often when the target cannot be reached due to blocking units, and ends when meeting an obstacle. Groups of units at a building: They have a tendency to wander around the intersection of a direct path from their original position to center of the building, and the building's outline. Issuing the command repeatedly helps more units join - if the command is issued again while closer to the end of line, the original position moves and unit now wanders around end of line and has some chance of joining. The distance where it decides against joining is hard to understand - sometimes 4 women are enough to block the 5th on clear ground.
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