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  1. Hello. I get the message “disconnected” in red in the chat if I host for more than like 1 min and then get back to the lobby. I also get this message after I have played a game from the lobby either as host or client so I have to get back to the main menu and rejoin the lobby. I have checked for packet loss several times when it happens and it's below 1‰ and this happens even when there are no lag problems while playing (Most of the time). My score won't get updated after I play a 1 vs 1 rated as host. My games (When I'm hosting) gets unlisted in the lobby after some time, so I have to constantly cancel and re-create my games, plus, players aren't able to rejoin my games if they get disconnected. I have noticed than this don't happens to all players, and it don't seems to happen to most of them. What should I do regarding this problem?. Regards.
  2. Hello. There are some users there than refuse to resign after all of their buildings have been destroyed and intentionally spread their few remaining units so as to force the winning player to hunt their units as in a hide and seek game. I suggest than there's an option to enable as a victory condition the destroy of all enemy civic centers and their failure to build any after a configurable time period; a player would also win if he destroys all of the enemy units and buildings capable of producing units, or if his enemy has neither resources to build a civic center nor a means to gather those (I.e: he has no dropsites for the missing resources, no resources or territory to build those and no market). Regards.
  3. I agree. Ranged cavalry is too strong. It really ruins the game that with some faction combinations you (Generic you) can win with minimal strategy because you have available those nasty units from phase 1 and the enemy has nothing to effectively counter them early on. In my experience the best (Or not‑so‑bad) units to attempt to counter cavalry skirmishers are infantry skirmishers and melee cavalry, but an army of those wouldn't deter a equally expensive army of cavalry skirmishers. I would like to read about your tactics to counter ranged cavalry. The problem comes from the fact than ranged cavalry can inflict a lot of damage without taking any, or only minimal. Hence, it comes to my mind than there are some alternatives to improve this aspect of game balance regarding the aforesaid unit type: reduce range or reduce HP. Increasing civic center range would also enable the garrisoning tactic which already works to counter the rest of units types (Hence we don't see people rushing with infantry, and melee cavalry rushes has a significant but limited effectiveness). I would also love to see a feature which allows a temporary cease of fire to be in effect from the beginning up to a configurable time limit determined a‑priori. The cease of fire wouldn't prevent all kind of attacks, but only would prevent units from attacking and possibly entering the area around the initial bases For instance, nobody would be able to attack inside the territory of the starting CC of their enemies for the first 5 min of game. This would be of course, optional, and would have the effect of allowing more preparation so as to allow a longer and more strategic game rather than one than ends in a rush in the first 5 min. Regards. EDIT: formatting.
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