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  1. Agreed! Haven't done any more lately; super busy with work at the moment but haven't forgotten about it!
  2. Why not just have a 'density' value instead of just thick, normal and sparse? Hmm or something like: Core density: The density of the trees at the center of the radius Outer density: The density of the trees at the out edge of the radius Density jitter: The randomness of the density. For example a strong jitter will produce clumps or trees and clumps of emptyness whereas a low jitter will make it a very evenly spread randomness (in conformity to the core and outer densities as well). Size jitter: The randomness of the size/scale of the objects being placed. Brush radius: The size of the brush. It's always the end-user who wants the programmer to do the most work!
  3. Is this possible? The reason my map is round is because it just happened that way when I imported a height map. But in the black area in the corners it looks like there is still terrain there with different heights. May as well use it if I can!
  4. This is definitely going to take some time. BTW if anyone wants to have a play around with what I have so far here's the files: http://websudoku.co.nz/downloads/map001.zip For best results (as you see in my pics) you'll need to turn on all the optional graphics enhancements. Otherwise it will look a bit lame. Here's how: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Manual_Settings
  5. Any way to work around this problem without reducing the number of entities? I also have this problem on my map..
  6. I agree. Also its really annoying in the middle of the screen it obscures my view. I think i never had a problem in other games because you dont notice when it stretches full width of the screeb. I reckon it should be on the sides of the screen after all we all have wide screens these days
  7. Fast forward 8 years lol and tell us now that they arent crisp and smooth
  8. Oh yeah it took me like an hour for everything you see in that last screenshot but ive been spending extra time to get nice little areas like tgat really polished. I can do a more generic piece of map much quicker.
  9. Trust me its already getting slow lol. But i have to say im very impressed that the rendering engine can handle this level of detail. I have an i7-3930k overclocked to to 3.6ghz (accross 6 cores) and ddr3 runnine at 2133mhz. I have a fairly decent video card as well its a dual sli 2gb something lol. Not the BEST one on the market but still cost me about 500 a few months ago. Im getting about 15fps (at game start) now with the map probably 1/10th complete (ouch). Mind you theres probably already more than a giant map in there. I think cranking up the experimental graphics settings made a bug impact on performance as well BUT i have to say i have used the bloom, displacement mapping, fog, hue etc to produce a very sexy result Oh im running four screens as well so maybe it would help if i disconnect the others. I dunno. Funny thing is i have all that and i dont even play games. Its just for programming and a bit of design lol. Something like that last screenshot can take about 40min to an hour (for what you see in the screenshot). Definitely keen to get some of my own maps in the game (smaller ones i guess). I'm guessing as its in alpha then there's not too much hurry. Plus to be honest I'd rather wait until those experimental graphics settings are no longer experimental so that the maps dont lose quality for people who haven't figured out how to turn them on. Anyway i will do a smaller map at some stage soon and post it up. If it gets included then thats just bonus. Cheers, Le-roy
  10. Nar Its been my wish for about ten years to have a strategy game that looks this good with maps this big! I'm gunna finish it. Guess you'll just have to wait Well i probably could take a break at some stage and just put together a normal size map in this style. We'll see. Got a big software launch end of this month i gotta get cracking on with too! Appreciate the comments and feedback. Le-roy
  11. Ha. Was originally going to make it four times that size but decided it would be TOO big. Glad I made that choice now coz it is honestly huge.
  12. Keen. Will finish this one first. I'll put it up online when I'm done but It's probably way too performance hungry to be included in the actual game for a couple of years yet. Well; by the time the game is finished who knows!
  13. Some more eye-candy! Tweaked the water and fog levels.
  14. Thanks for the tip! I could always write an easy script to randomize it. i.e say put a cap on the number of entity trees and randomize the distribution.
  15. You should check out the latest riverbed screenshot!
  16. Messing around with the graphics settings again to try for a more natural look.
  17. In stronghold the trees seed and grow slowly and the animals have babies that grow as well. Stronghold was my all time favourite. To people like my the little details matter. I love collecting resources, building an empire and a castle that looks good as well as functions good. Building something great and keeping it all looking amazing is half the fun.
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