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  1. I'm sorry for that. @Niek: Actually I like you, leper & co pretty much. Maybe it was due to that that I was so hurt back then in the Council with the internal conflict. So let's put some nice fertile soil above it. Please never take my criticism personally. I am only fighting people's logic. I never fight people, I am only there to protect the good ones. And if you were in serious trouble (e.g. real world live endangering situation), be it Niek, leper or any other here, that tries to contribute something to the world, then I'll be there to help you out to my best and my death - even if I'm that a nasty guy when something contradicts logic or is inconsequent. I guess this is a point I will never learn to accept, that people become inconsequent to protect their minds., I hope you are doing better than me, as Emma Watson once nicely put it. So I did not share code, true. Pretty inconsequent, but logical in the bigger picture: So when we manage to get our code projects at worlddevelopment cleaned up, then we'll open our sources as the throng votes and logic says yes to opening sources as soon as the project is out of the woods. Then we'll also publish releases. Worlddevelopment's hardware projects also serve to protect what wildfiregames tried to contribute to - to a world of freedom, rights and justice. Actually the Age of Kings mod is a very great contribution. Thanks for that. And the screenshots people provide in this thread with these great optics enabled with their cool hardware also looks epic. Bare bones lost guys as me will not reach such screens ever. Have a nice day. Prosper, be happy and be evermore objective. Yours old lost comrade, in peace
  2. To find your hardware you can also use lspci | grep VGA lspci -v | less lshw -C video -- MORE POSSIBILITIES Make sure there are no other wrong graphics drivers installed (this is a common problem on many if not all operating systems): sudo apt-get purge <vendor>* ... Reinstall Xorg to rule out the possibility that something went wrong after updates or hardware change (exchanged graphics card or similar): sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:amd64 libgl1-mesa-dri:amd64 sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg Restart the system (e.g. sudo reboot now)
  3. What does dmesg tell you about your xorg graphics driver loading? Use the following command before starting X: watch -n 1 'dmesg | tail -n $((LINES-10)) or because you are on fedora: dmesg -wH Else use dmesg | less and search for your graphics. You can also check other logs available to you if you prefer but you need to hunt down the driver issue. It might be a hint in the logs that shows you what causes the issue, maybe a dependency is missing. Could be llvm or anything that mesa depends on but is not available.
  4. Can you provide some information like the output of glxinfo As ben said, might be a driver issue. Do you have GL Desktop activated? Or anything else that might deactivate hardware acceleration? Does glxgears run? Since when do these issues arise? What did you do since it last worked?
  5. There is some crucial information missing artists should be aware of before we will be able to unleash the full powers of the new code: It is not guaranteed that the equal-ID animations are chosen because a later variant can override those name's mapping, replacing all the animations found in an occurrence of a variant with the same name in an earlier examined group. (one variant per group is chosen) We will be responsible to ensure that there are no animations from other variants that overwrite those that we linked using the name,id combination. THIS IS DESIRABLE BEHAVIOR because it allows for removing the via ID linked animations by providing an animation with the same name but without an ID. This may be vital to understand. Of course the name,ID link animation can be overridden per actor by defining an animation within an equally named variant that also defines the same name and id combination. Note the variant name must not necessarily be equal for linking animations as long as the animation names and ids match and the animations are loaded. VARIANT NAME CASE NOT IMPORTANT Furthermore note that the Variant names case does not matter while the animation names' does. Use lowercase to avoid random errors. For consistency we may want to use lower case for animation names too? (attached a patch to #2324) Or is there a special reason for keeping its case other than confusion? I could not find a place where these names are transformed to lower case internally in comparisons with e.g. State which means that the simulation code has to use lower case and the animation names too but this may be fragile. Correct me if I got something wrong. I did not test it ingame if it works, I only read the code and thought this should be clarified so that artists do not have to read the code themselves. MANDELBROT ACTOR DEFINITION of course is bogus. My workaround is to stop at a certain number recursions as defined via extra attribute. This is neither correct behavior nor useful other than for chaining actors like oriental carpets randomly by defining a recursion number. And even then it is only linear stacking, so it may only suit for constructing a modular tower to the clouds if settlers wanted to do this.
  6. Good work. Still got no farther than to the infinite loop and fixing my vim which also segmentation faulted suddenly. The latter is fixed now. This Model, Object, prop relation and animation picking is complex, the animation name is rewritten at all corners, e.g. with the m_State. I still know this from the Animation rework. So I wondered how it could be so easy by reusing m_AnimationName as sander coded it. That's the first time I saw sanderd17 err on something. Though I liked his easy solution, simplicity rules and the major benefit still is that we do not need a new actor format version in 0 A.D. as in wraitii"s first version. MANDELBROT ACTOR DEFINITION I start to wonder if instead of fixing the infinite loop it was not easier to redesign to allow entity on entity which not suffers from this. This is getting mind twisting to fix. Not sure if it is worth the edge case of same actor as a prop of the same actor definition again. Mandelbrot actor so to say. Might be useful for procedural actors like chaining / interconnecting orient carpets. Edit: It might be wise to restore the idx kind of anim handling as before the 2 commits by sander and code the ID attempt freshly to be sure of no further regressions though I saw you evaded the m_AnimationName conflict.
  7. Thank you then. Got 0 A.D. working on voidlinux and it looks like there is something wrong. Depending on the actor XML it can even lead to a segmentation fault.While the Animation system differs from 0 B.C. I saw there is an infinite loop. Somewhat unrelated to the sync issue though. SYNC / EQUAL ANIMATION ISSUE And when the animations not even are picked accordingly as you two said then it is also excluded that the Desync speed variation to not have units look too uniform is responsible. Maybe I can get to something when I relearn the 0 A.D. code. If so then I will provide the patch(es). It was bad enough that I did not provide the water patch back then because it was such a small issue that it was embarrassing and I was sure people would take me apart when I provided such a small fix. This way Ykkrosh could get the gems that he deserved much more because this is a coding giant. Apropos, he is still working on 0 A.D.? Helping you busy history colleagues out is the least I can do. If someone else is quicker so, don't hesitate to fix it. It will okay to me, I do not need credit, for me it's enough if those busy people is being helped.
  8. Finally under version control, how could I come to think this is impossible: foolish me. https://htmlpreview.github.io/?http://github.com/worlddevelopment/virtual_time_machine/blob/master/status_functionality_ideas.html
  9. Stan, now I think I understand. Now with trigger scripts. you can do it, just add points to influence your settlers when the map creator wants a special behavior of the settlers or you wish increased danger for e.g. avalanches. (predefined events) (In later The Settlers versions the units were mere actors without collision and not assailable other than by wild animals, isn't it? Do you think these were just following these predefined waypoints to relieve the pathfinder computations? And that the wild animal attacks also were some kind of trick because I can not remember if those civilians just have run away from the wild animals or if they took damage.) DYNAMIC EVENTS In contrast to predefined events things like traps are not on the fly manually added by e.g. hunter units. (dynamic events and better not solve this using auras because only if an entity knows of the trap then it will avoid it, so there is some flow of information) For sitting on a bench it may be easier to just check the unit's will to sit on a bank it comes by randomly. If the will is low then a friend could still be the convincing factor. The checks should be simple and few for performance. THE ROLE OF ROADS, BRIDGES The "way points" for traveling between garrisoning in and out could be roads, bridges. This has the advantage that they are destructible what trigger points are not. And if you want an additional RPG like feeling then place a trigger point and predefine the event in the trigger script and wait until your target unit (heroine controlled by player) comes by your trigger point, or? In the script it then should be checked though if the bridge is still existent taking replacements/ upgrades into account, this could be tricky so maybe just check if the region is traversable or if there is a kind of building there. For the school example you gave, this could be made happen similarly with the difference that the parents will need to send the children to school first. This depended on the culture and time of history if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Colleagues, you always again surprise with extraordinary mazes. How epic is this palace? Is it really put directly into the rock. Subtraction construction instead of addition/stack construction. -- Thought about migrating this community functionality wishlist to version control but the colors are an obstacle here. I'd miss them. xD As worlddevelopment has a throng tonight to decide whether a permanent forum may make sense or whether existing channels (blenderartists, wildfiregames, opensourceecology, buildtheenterprise, allbaoutcircuits, ...) will be reused, which supports single source principle and would make world populations' life easier not having to check another forum, password and so forth. Another argument that will be fielded especially in terms of 0A.D. where tension is far bigger than worlddevelopment's good relations to opensourceecology et alia is that `sister project` makes more sense than `opponent`. My subjective view has come to understand that both sides will just tolerate each others quirks and find a common denominator which is historical accuracy among others. It's no good open source community fighting each other. So I guess the decision will be pro "not reinventing the wheel" and personally I must say I missed the historical discussions and plan forging here a lot. So I may be found here from time to time for historical reading and maybe at times trying to help here and there. Do not expect too much because I'm deeply struggling with getting started functionality in the virtual time machine 0 B.C. to work which is no less mind twisting endeavor than 0 A.D. while having diverged significantly (and time resources for the open source virtual time machine are far less than the open source engineering). Note no interest here in team or whatever. I consider team and the hierarchies of 0AD a quirk as you find your quirks in me. Either all develop the effort jointly and level or it is not real open source neither. Just like the binary blobs all over in open source hardware. My quirk is that sources are published on release which also is not uncommon a open source quirk. A release date depends upon progress. Then you will have your stack entities #28, transition animations, weather, seasons. 0AD is old, and it will survive the next decades too if we extrapolate its existence. See it positively: waiting for virtual features is better than waiting for e.g. your girlfriend returning from the graveyard. So I can not really understand all the aggression against a pretty typical open source principle: provide sources to a release. The last years have been quite chaotic: after having lived in the car in university due to no more funds for the flat for 2 years, being homeless shortly after my studies again when I lost my job as patron, actually in the time of my major quarrels with 0AD, having lost people I loved so extremely that it turns me apart, several bankruptcies had to be overcome, being under pressure by state regulations, having found asylum in a farm upstream from where I can still conduct my patronages (community strain is put on people like crazy), but which was already partly force-taken by the state authorities and bankrupt again, almost all material things breaking too (I know it can always become worse and I won't complain, but believe me, I am no gentle person anymore and thus my patience may vary. Especially I don't understand fun that well as you might understand a bit better now.). I had virtually no time for 0 B.C. which was another reason to drive me crazy with things spinning out of control and not even have a distraction. But hey, it's under control now. And now we even have a huge base for worlddevelopment and epic fantasy affairs. Finances have balanced and we can even hire some fellows and I asked Stan for help several times but I understand his full commitment to wildfiregames. And now we have to increase efforts to get the world safe and peaceful again because we want an epic world. Then we will find our own peace too. --- The functionality wishlist is not up to date.
  11. What does do not sync mean? (dude idle and prop correct animation?) It may be that you have to tweak the speed attribute: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/AnimationSync
  12. Just to be sure, Is this what you are doing? <variant frequency="1" name="Death"> <animations> <animation file="infantry/general/death/inf_02.psa" frequency="1" name="Death1" speed="250"/> <animation file="infantry/general/death/inf_03.psa" frequency="1" name="Death2" speed="250"/> <!-- ... --> </animations> </variant> And for the props: <variant frequency="1" name="Death"> <animations> <animation file="infantry/general/inf_02.psa" frequency="1" name="Death1" speed="250"/> <animation file="infantry/general/inf_03.psa" frequency="1" name="Death2" speed="250"/> <!-- ... --> </animations> </variant>
  13. Is it in sync at first and only after the first loop gets out of sync? Can not test it here because I do not have this patch/revision. There is one inconsistency in the code, but it is not relevant, maybe I'm approaching leper's thinking because it may be nit-picky, yet confusing to set m_Looping only once explicitly and the other time use the default:
  14. Ideally it can be useful to influence morale and let the increase in morale handle the productivity boost of citizens - especially those that visited the relic e.g. in exhibitions or those that have an interest to story telling and magic or similar. - In terms of Gundestrup Cauldron what really fascinates me is this dolphin rider: May it be that there have been individuals that may have really loved fantasy stories like lord of the rings or magic wizard worlds as we have the luck to enjoy nowadays? just wow
  15. gathering

    A very nice picture to imagine, seeing bearded miners enthusiastically increasing their gather speed when working on more precise/seldom materials. Only true of course as long as they are free miners and not have to work for others, such that it may not yet been fully adequate for 0A.D. where no citizen can create a company or bring their precious relicts they found lying for long ages at river beds.