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  1. Wath is the relation between civ.json and BatchTechModifier? I say this because when I create the file civs.DELETED and enter to the game, and i select a militar unit, i get this: It happens with all the civs I have added Fail to validate entity template {civ}_sentry_tower Fail to validate entity template {civ}_defence_tower Fail to validate entity template {civ}_wall_tower Expected BatchTechModifier get notting Is rare because those templates are the same as 0 A.D contraparts, I don't change anything about the towers base templates. hopi_wall_tower.xml inca_wall_tower.xml mex_wall_tower.xml zapo_wall_tower.xml mainlog.html
  2. that parrot is a Red-lored amazon(The one that I have xd, Es un csm)
  3. Sorry xd template_structure_resource_field.xml
  4. Well i get this error: ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: (null):0: Extra element water in interleave ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: structures/iber_field:1: Element Rates failed to validate content ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation failed for '(null)' ERROR: Failed to validate entity template 'structures/mex_field'
  5. How I make the resource trickle be negative?
  6. maybe we have to change the color of the texture of the Zapotecs. I'll try to do it myself :D
  7. Update my local version now i have this rare bug with the market, funy Funny because i don't touch the market template. UPDATE: i fixed(i only copy the market template to my templates folder)
  8. This map is called Isthmus of Tehuantepec. It just needs some tinkering but it's ready. They will find a Huave village (the villages are not finished) that are supposed to give you food and fishing techs(is not implemented )
  9. Yes they are Pueblo/Hopis. thanks Also how could the temple look. I did not find references
  10. Common practice, at least in my case.
  11. It can also be <Player> Intercambio <A> por <B> Creo que Barter en este contexto seria Intercambio, ¿O no? xd
  12. This error also happens to me in DE to.
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