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  1. the pronounciation sounds correct to me (studied Latin with proper classical pronounciation). I am not sure about ave though (in your male sounds). I think it should be slightly more like ah veh instead of ah vee. Not entirely sure though. I must say, the female voices sound really nice. I like the intensity of the attack voice. However the fight voice in comparison is a bit too weak and fast in my opinion.
  2. yes. But then there was another error and after that I gave up.
  3. Btw. thats exactly the same error I got in 10.9.2 few weeks ago, when testing the new build scripts.
  4. (...) + Gui, Multiplayer/Lobby, random map generation
  5. It's probably harder to balance maps that way. But yeah, it could create new strategies.
  6. you know there is also always the possibility to fork the project now or when it's finished and implement modifications of features or own features. This may just as well be a farmland modification. Thats the great thing about opensource projects.
  7. That portrait looks quite nice! I like the light reflections on the shield and the general composition and use of color, it goes well with the smaller frame sizes. You can recognize the key elements effectively. However I can't get the leg on the left side out of my head (his right leg), the position seems to me a tad too much left. In effect looking slightly disconnected from the rest of the body. However good job there, I like this one way more than the previous two portraits, which where too contrasty and some of the lines appeared too restless.
  8. I kinda like this idea from Prodigal Son, regarding Spartan Hoplites. Making a limited amount available from the beginning. -> Limited by house size for example. Besides that, the Iberian Ambush ideas of mythos and the others (being able to stay invisible near trees, or staying invisible, when not moving, until an opponent unit is eg. only 5 meters away from them), sounds like a quite interesting addition.
  9. Just played a bit on one of the new maps that are going to be included in the Alpha15. And got some really nice perspectives. Just thought I'd share them. May they inspire people to try create similiar and even more awsome looking maps. enjoy the pictures PS: I may add that I disabled "restrict camera" from the dev. menu, to get interesting perspectives. Most of it won't been visible like that, in a regular match.
  10. Oh, i really like the shield texturing you have done, however whats with his cheek, looks kinda bulged. His spear holding hand also seems distorted.
  11. Thats no bug. They simply don't have an animation yet.
  12. I really like them! Would they all be used in some way, or only one of the three?
  13. Sounds promising, I'm looking forward to your research! After working with Daniel Shiffmans "Nature of Code" where he also describes genetic algorithms, I have been wondering as well wondering how feasible this might be for a 0ad AI system and fantasized about coding a 0ad bot based on genetic algorithms, but lacking time for that.
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