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  1. We welcome the constructive approach chosen by the creators of Fork AD. We didn't, indeed, agree on the design of the development environment, on the communication methods, and on how to ultimately make the process enjoyable for all team members. We are happy that they can still contribute to 0 A.D. as a project, even if it is as a separate group. We are grateful for their many past contributions and we hope that the new situation brings balance to both teams. Nevertheless, Wildfire Games wishes to clarify that we have been making progress on the game continuously and continue doing so. Much of the recent work was either administrative, or targeted at the future Alpha 24, thus could not be directly seen in the number of commits made. Members of the community have expressed a desire to be more involved and informed, so we are taking measures to open up some internal discussions. This will allow our hard work to be more visible. On behalf of the team,
  2. Welcome to the community! Stan has said it all, I would only add that if you are into creating beautiful screenshots for promotional purposes (it is video editing but with only one image per a big number of seconds, no? ), we are also interested in that.
  3. In this case your name will be added to the credits when we package a new version of the game. Thanks for your contribution!
  4. It's really near the top of my list for A24, but please feel free to remind me as well Nescio
  5. In their FAQ (https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/faq) it is stated: So no exception. What we could do is accept PRs on GitHub and repatriate them on Phabricator, but that is tedious. I am thinking that we should maybe have a bot on GitHub that automatically puts the contributions on Phabricator, to open the development to GitHub lovers, but that is work we are unlikely to complete before October 31st. To consider for the future I'd say.
  6. If the people behind the current pledges to our Twitter account read these lines, thank you so much we hope to be able to get your donations someday.
  7. We can contact them, of course, but I don't think they will make an exception. This event is not really pro-open source, it's basically pro-GitHub. Nothing wrong with that, they have money to support the projects on their own platform, it's normal that they use it - but we are not based there.
  8. I don't think a vote is warranted, as long as the whole Treasury Committee is on board with this and SPI is not a source of concern on the matter
  9. Could you share this on Phabricator? See https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/SubmittingPatches for more info. You can have feedback and discussion with the developers there. Such a script would probably be placed under source/tools/, in its own new directory. Thanks for your contribution!
  10. This is absolutely not a secret Our distribution script can be found at https://code.wildfiregames.com/source/0ad/browse/ps/trunk/source/tools/dist/build.sh 0ad-data doesn't only contain the public mod, it also contains the mod mod and the config. As for how Debian packages 0ad-data into a .deb (not a secret either), you can look at https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/0ad-data, especially the VCS links at the top-left of the page. Other distributions have other package tracking systems.
  11. I do not know whether monthly is already too frequent for SPI But that was Aviv's concern about the idea.
  12. I discussed Patreon (and Liberapay) with @Jeru: the main limiting factor is SPI's ability to handle the money when it comes in frequent and small amounts. The one-time donations we get already take a lot of time to get to us, so we can't overwhelm SPI's treasury with frequent transactions.
  13. We can add in the list of purposes of the lobby privacy policy that we may publish anonymous statistics covering all active users. This is not an issue since the published result will not contain personal data, but we have to disclose it to the users since the calculations will be based on personal data. In order to help, you can contribute scripts that crunch the data and generate the stats. We cannot share actual data for you to crunch them, but you can create a local lobby with dummy accounts (for instance in a virtual machine) in order to generate a database that you can test your scripts on.
  14. Just as smiley said, the big issue was GDPR and the bad timing with holidays. It was difficult to work around an issue that needed an expertise nobody had at first. But we're getting there, and we fixed more things than we originally planned in the re-release. Thanks for your patience
  15. The lobby is now up and running on a brand new server. Registrations are open. It is now more robust against security issues, and it will be a good basis to improve it further. Those improvements will be carried out by our new Lobby Administrator, @user1! He assisted me in the upgrade today, and it worked way better, so this is a very good news Happy playing, and don't hesitate to report issues here!
  16. We are ready to perform the upgrade of the lobby - may it be successful this time! A few things you should know: We are going to stop the lobbies for all versions of 0 A.D. prior to A23. This is the thing that failed last time: A22 was no longer compatible with the upgraded version of the lobby server. People connecting with older versions of 0 A.D. will see the room message telling them that they should upgrade, but there will be no bots allowing them to host and rate games. This time there will be minimal downtime. Instead of shutting everything down during the user database migration, which takes a huge lot of time, we will keep the old lobby running. When we fire the new one up, all user accounts from after the start of the migration will have disappeared - so in order to minimize the inconvenience, registration of new user accounts is going to be disabled this evening (UTC / Europe times). I will post here when the registration is enabled again. There will be a short downtime at the beginning (a few minutes) while we deactivate the registration; and a slightly longer one when we are ready to launch the new server. TL;DR The lobby will keep working as usual except for registrations, and versions of 0 A.D. older than A23 will be unsupported after the upgrade. We will also have a surprise announcement when the upgrade is complete Happy playing.
  17. Welcome! Don't hesitate to say hello on the IRC channel, even though the development is a bit blocked these days, we are here to get you started with version control and other programming/contribution quirks Get more information here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GettingStarted
  18. As Vlad said dropping exes and zips works. If you install 0 A.D. with administrator privileges you even have pyromod files automatically associated with 0 A.D. Unfortunately yes mod.io and a lot of platforms enforce the use of zips, and we can't associate zips with 0 A.D. unless we want to break people's computers I'll look at the mods!
  19. Ahoy! Just to let you know that I reported on Monday the bug that gaius discovered by himself. No answer yet but I might get back to them after the weekend.
  20. Just to be sure there is no misunderstanding, I'm waiting for a PM from Stan or somebody else, so that you can test stuff as much as you want before I sign
  21. @wowgetoffyourcellphone That reminds me a lot of Carbot's Starcraft short animations. They are really incredibly funny and accurate @Trinketos and @Lion.Kanzen, I don't think the title on the topic was "Los peores memes del Internet en EspaƱol"
  22. There is such an entry, but that would also require care to be sure no mods with a link to a bad website is listed. I think that for now, browsing the different mods on the mod.io website is easier and way more appealing (with screenshots, descriptions, all the social media stuff) and when you have made your choice you can use the mod downloader to get stuff. I'm sorry I have been sick Let me know if you want to plan changes to your mod(s) after fatherbushido's (or others') comments, else I'll sign what you gave me, as planned.
  23. The bug that allows (and proposes you incidentally) to go live should be fixed now, according to the devs. Please let us know if the bug continues to appear after now.
  24. In that case I let the moderators explain their reasons to you, but the way you are talking here would certainly warrant a mute on the forums as well. You are being disrespectful, crude and insulting and you are making the whole community ashamed. I don't think you know what freedom of speech is, by the way (using those words on the Internet will always get you this link).
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