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  1. No. One can have knowledge and no adequate recording material. People should also be able to give you feedback and you should be able to receive it. Please stop gatekeeping Ancient Greek, it is a fantastic language and everyone should be allowed to be interested in it. No, you should publish them publicly for everyone to hear it (else how would you have a discussion about it afterwards?). If you want to do that for privacy/licensing reasons, that's understandable, but that will make this thread fairly useless.
  2. @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates You need to calm down. This place is for polite and peaceful discussion. Being offensive is not acceptable. You may disagree with Nescio, but if he presents arguments, you have to take them into account: you are free to consider them worthless, but you should then either refute them or leave the discussion. You cannot prevent others from participating to the discussion because you think they lack knowledge: they certainly know useful things that you don't. We would be happy to hear about recordings from you, but this will not become a competition. This thread is described as aimed at "Experts", and experts in Antiquity should know that reconstructing information from thousands of years ago is not an easy task. Experts should know above everybody that the knowledge we have of Antiquity is constantly challenged, and they should keep personal pride outside of discussions. Your expertise is dependent on the new findings that researchers make all the time. Looking forward to the recordings and the IPA transcription we make of it. I am not a native English speaker, so I am unable to understand the discussion above as long as you don't use IPA. My accent is faulty at best, and I don't trust myself to know the exact and correct pronunciation of "saw" or "slow".
  3. I added a note to the download page: https://play0ad.com/download/mac/ Does that sound good to you?
  4. Thank you so much for these first findings! The majority of the dev team is in CET, so the best window would be your morning work hours, which are roughly our evening. Regarding the renderer: this is an area of the code that I don't know very well, but Yves did a lot of research on it, as you can see; and Vladislav is the most active dev in this area, I let him take over from here. Regarding the pathfinder: it is not a surprise that the so-called short pathfinder is a bottleneck. There are plans to revamp or get rid of it, as it is a very old piece of code. I am quite happy that the hierarchical pathfinder appears as a secondary issue: it was already revamped a couple years ago So your findings in the pathfinder area are matching our current focus! We are going to upgrade our version of SpiderMonkey and we hope to see some performance improvements in the parts of SM that appear in your analysis. Looking forward to reading your next findings
  5. Hello Alex! Thank you very much for your interest and for picking 0 A.D. for this project I feel like the best way for you to get answers would be to be in touch with the programmers through chat (we use IRC) while you are at work. It mainly depends on your timezone: indeed, we are rather active outside of our work hours, because of the volunteer nature of the project. I hope we can find a common window Additionally, feel free to contact me or @feneur for any legal question, especially regarding our code license. Looking forward to hearing about your analysis!
  6. I sent an email to the Capitole organizers to see if the thumbnail could be changed It's not bad for 0 A.D. to have this (it certainly gives people the urge to click!), but I feel like it's a bit disrespectful of the person who appears, especially if we want to share that video and talk about it.
  7. Welcome Kam! The page Vlad listed contains a lot of useful information, and I encourage you to hang around on IRC if you have questions
  8. We have applied, and we will share an announcement to look for students if we are accepted Thanks for starting the thread @Mina, that matched the plans perfectly!
  9. I think that the main issue here is a platform issue as Stan points out. There is no guarantee the fonts will be present in all Linux distributions. I think you should contact the package manager of your distribution and ask them to look into using such a dependency, which would indeed be desirable from the user perspective.
  10. This year again, 0 A.D. will be at FOSDEM, in Brussels, this weekend! FOSDEM is “a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate”. It attracts thousands of people and we hope to make 0 A.D. known to all of them. We are going in full force to the 2019 edition. bb, Itms, implodedok, plumo and vladislavbelov will be present at our stand, level of building K. We will have a lot of goodies for you! Additionally, vladislavbelov will give the closing talk of the Graphics devroom on Saturday afternoon, and Itms will give a lightning talk on Sunday around noon. Don't hesitate to see other talks, but do save these slots in your personal schedule! If you cannot, unfortunately, make it to the event, live broadcasts and video recordings of the talks will be made available by the FOSDEM organizers. We will also share some photos of our booth on social media. Here's to an awesome weekend! - Goodies await!
  11. Yes definitely, seeing that they credit us properly they should be happy to license properly Can you contact them? Else I'll probably have some time for that after this weekend. As a side note, it's funny that they use our textures when it's the thing our artists are the most dissatisfied with
  12. Yes, downloading binaries such as images should always be done carefully. Adding a link to the mod.io page would certainly be interesting, and improving the overall look would be great
  13. There is no policy so far, but I don't think we would have an issue with them (we might need them anyways, because we are not going to restrict the gameplay on the basis of attested names for buildings and units). If we have a documentation with the source, of course, it would be important to mark the forums as reconstructed there. But in the game they don't need to be marked as such. I have Sanskrit resources for Mauryas.
  14. I agree with you Nescio, except on the υ bullet point: ευ is not ε+υ, it is a single grapheme. So deciding to transliterate this grapheme into eu while transliterating the grapheme υ into y would be possible. Same thing for αυ, ου, ει, etc.
  15. Hello Dok, and thank you very much for your application! Welcome to the community We would be very interested in a contributor in the area of documentation. More specifically, we need two kinds of documentation: Documentation for players, just like the Game Bible you are showcasing above. Please keep us updated about this guide! Technical documentation, for contributors, modders, etc. You don't seem to propose your help in this area, but you seem to have the perfect skills for it, and we would really need a hand there. Would you be interested by any chance? For both matters, I think the best place for you to get some work to start contributing would be the IRC channel: #0ad-dev on QuakeNet (use this link if you don't have an IRC client). Most people there, including me, are in European time zones though. The forums here are still a great place to chat with the community, especially if you want to find enthusiasts for your game guide
  16. A reference of the Greek transliteration conventions we use would be this commit from me: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/16666 Since then, the Seleucids were completed, so there could be a new commit in that fashion. But I still haven't gotten around writing a comprehensive document for transliteration for all the ancient languages in the game I had started it then, but sadly didn't go further than this commit. Are you comfortable enough with software to propose patches?
  17. This is old, I didn't work on this myself, but merged a patch by Phormio: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP19529
  18. The PPA will also contain the correct or compatible versions of dependencies if the ones in the official tree are not adequate. You don't have to worry about this as a user. The downside of compiling yourself is actually having to also compile dependencies when they are outdated in the package manager (typically, libsodium). The gloox minimal required version really cannot be reduced, because we had to make upstream include fixes, and we will need other fixes on their side, so we really need to use the latest version and will continue needing that.
  19. This is not expected at all: the game builds and runs on Ubuntu LTS. You can follow sarcoma's guide above. However, the PPA maintainer indeed has an issue building the game on the Launchpad containers, we don't know why yet. There should be an update for 0 A.D. on Ubuntu LTS as soon as possible, but it will be quicker for you to build the game.
  20. To make sure you have both the same versions, in the main menu, you should both have "Terms" in the hardware reporter, bottom right of the screen. If you have the same versions, but still see different lobbies, one of you probably has a modified user.cfg with another lobby.
  21. @soshanko It sounds like this is your antivirus trying to get rid of the game. Which one do you use? You can probably whitelist pyrogenesis.
  22. Are you sure the current version of the file isn't used by some process? There is a chance the game didn't stop properly. You could restart your computer to test. The other option that comes to my mind is not enough space on your disk (either the disk where you are trying to install, or the disk where your temporary folder lives).
  23. The ppa should be updated soon, I got to chat with ricotz yesterday evening. I guess he's AFK because of Christmas, but you can expect the PPA to be updated after the celebrations.
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