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  1. Lapuente

    Mouse\Camera Controls

    what about the spectrum panning? will custom keyboard shortcuts will be implemented in future Alphas? Betas? EDIT: for example, making the Ctrl+arrow also work with the middle mouse button.
  2. Hi, Is there a way to customize controls? or to change some of the hot-keys, mouse control? I am having a couple issues:/ - Panning with the middle mouse button. It doesn't seem to do anything really. It would be good if I could pan around in an x/y/z spectrum, instead of just, zoom in, zoom out, left and right. you know? - this keys : "[ ]" for rotating buildings do not work on German Keyboards, It would be good if we could cusomize or assign them to other keys so that we are able to rotate the buildings. just that really, other than that, the game is honestly magnificent.
  3. Lapuente

    Alpha 19 Name suggestions

    Alpha Sofia
  4. wow, we need a bit more people involved, I was the last one to comment on July :/ no worries, I will spread the word
  5. Been a long time, but Im ready to play again!!!!
  6. Lapuente

    When will 0A.D. 18 be released?

    Im looking forward to it!!
  7. quite quite nice!!! I would love to see it implemented
  8. Lapuente

    Forums are back! (Almost)

    It looks perfect for me
  9. Lapuente

    Suggestions for 0 A.D.

    It would be interesting if the Sharks would attack fishing boats haha
  10. Lapuente

    Alpha 16 PataƱjali OS X Bundle

    A lot of time in silent what is happening?
  11. Lapuente

    Important Announcement

    you know... its really not that bad idea, to add a skeletons civilisation just for fun, maybe with an unlock code or something, but why the heull not?
  12. Lapuente

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Ptolemaic Ships

    Looks very very nice
  13. Lapuente

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Wolf

    This looks awesome, is it already included in the game?
  14. Lapuente

    0 A.D. Development Report #15

    That looks a bit complicated haha, I rather wait
  15. Lapuente

    0 A.D. Development Report #15

    Super awesome!!!!! When will we be able to play this updates?