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  1. Documentation page updated: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Manual_Settings
  2. In real life, we make a distinction between meet and vegetable food. Vegetable are cheapest than meet. Meet is often needed as protein sources. Breeding animals convert a lot of vegetable in a little of meet. Some civilisations like Indians can live without meet (they adapt by eating some vegetables that contain a lot of proteins like lentils). So maybe we can also make a difference between the two resources in the game. It could be having -10% attack if vegetarian ration below 90% (and civ bonus for Maurian Indians that would not have to care of it). It could be making them really 2 different resources and buying cost (like female cost 45 veg 5 meet, warrior 50 veg 10 meet 10 wood 30 gold) and possibility to convert veg into meet in corrals. So instead of using only the most efficient way to have food, we would have to manage at least two ways. Instead of bush => farm, we could have bush => farms & hunt => herding (+ fish).
  3. Where QWERTY keyboards have "1234567890" AZERTY one have symbols like "&é"'(-è!çà". Under Windows, the developers had to made a custom sdl manger that make theses key behave like the QWERTY ones for Hotkeys, but under Linux and Mac OS X, the generic one is used. It is planed to have a GUI interface to configure the hotkeys, but this is not yet implemented, so we have to make it a bit ourself. This will only work with Alpha 15 and later or SVN. First thing (if it is not already done) is to copy the default.cfg file that can be found in: SVN: 0ad/binaries/data/config/default.cfgAlpha versions: Linux: /usr/share/[games/]0ad/config/default.cfg OS X: 0ad.app/Contents/Resources/data/config/default.cfgand paste it in: Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/0ad/config/local.cfg (generally ~/.config/0ad/config/local.cfg) OS X: ~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/config/local.cfg Now we can edit this file to configure our hotkeys. Most of the keys are listed in the key.txt file (can be found in the same directory than the default.cfg file). For the ones remaining (é § è ç à), we currently have to use the WorldX keys (§ is only at this place on Belgian layout). On Linux, you should have on French and Belgian layout: é = World73 (or W73) § = World7 (or W7) è = World72 (or W72) ç = World71 (or W71) à = World64 (or W64) On OSX, French layout: é = World0 (or W0) è = World3 (or W3) ç = World2 (or W2) à = World4 (or W4) Please, share your results and complete the missing informations. There may have other differences. If you need to find the key number, you can find instruction in the #2043. Here is the local.cfg that suit for Belgian layout under Linux (just rename the .zip to be a .cfg): local.zip (If you give it, I can add your file to give more examples).
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