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  1. I'm sorry to be rude, but you have no idea what you are talking about. :-) Display block (not black) is perfectly valid. It is in fact the default display style the div element. Setting it makes other elements behave like div's do. And as noted above, 'em' is a very valid unit of measurement. It is relative to the font size used on the page. Meaning, if the user configures a larger font in their browser, the whole page scales accordingly. For accessibility this is recommended. There were two problems, both fixed. One was that the element that contains the logo & menu, had a fixed height. Since the elements inside it are floated, they can float outside the height of the element. The height was removed and an element was added below that clears both left and right. That solves that. That added the problem that whenever the elements are compressed and take up more space, the height of header increases, but the content keeps the same top margin, thus falling under the header element. I fixed that by giving the content a top margin depending on browser width. Thank you for letting us know! :-)
  2. Nothing is missing as far as I know, but these rulesets are not needed. Currently the forums redirect to https automatically, so does play0ad.com. When we're ready, we'll do the same with other websites and/or subdomains. I have no idea how to do this with OpenLiteSpeed (the web server we're using). I will look into this later, but this is not high on my priority list. This is on purpose. Using SSL for the downloads could have a huge impact on the webserver, especially when a new release comes out and there are lots of downloads. Besides, I honestly don't see the point in encrypting file downloads that are publicly available anyways. I understand there's quite a hype around making everything https, but I do want to use our available resources as efficient as possible. I don't see it. Session resumption (caching): Yes You'd have to tell me where this is happening, so I can investigate. You can check the link of this emoticon: It is https. Do you mean the default smileys under "overview" or the extensive library that's shown when you open the "emoticons" category? If the latter, then yes, I agree.
  3. The Undying Nephalim: I really like your work; keep it up. I think it's awesome that people use the Pyrogenesis engine for creating RTS games. :-) Plus I could use a good sci-fi RTS game personally. ;-)
  4. What are the issues here exactly? I just accessed & browsed the meetinglogs dir and it all seems to work fine. If there are problems with some links, please specify what exactly the problems are and with which links. We don't want to serve our entire domain with exclusively https currently. For now it's enabled by default for the forums and for the 0 A.D. website, since those run web applications that handle user logins. Everything else doesn't force https currently. This may change in the future, but is not a priority and requires some further testing and evaluation. This is a strange issue. I haven't experienced this myself, nor do I have problems staying logged in to the forums. Could this be related to virus scanners, firewall software or browser plugins?
  5. I agree! Biggest reasons for doing the upgrade were behind the scenes though. Under the hood, everything is different now. :-)
  6. Your feedback, positive and negative, is always welcome. Can you provide a screenshot and an exact link to the page where this is occurring?
  7. Which browser are you using and which version? It has to be a browser that recognizes the Let's Encrypt certificate authority. --- Nevermind - it was a problem with the certificate chain. Solved now.
  8. Hi, In about 2-3 hours some forum downtime is expected, due to upgrade to a new version of Invision Power Board. It is also possible that some things might not work as before, as we are doing quite a major upgrade. It is also likely that the forum skin will be changed. After the forum upgrade, we will also be upgrading to PHP7 and we will be changing to different webserver software. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience because of this upgrade. Edit: upgrade is finished
  9. As Erik pointed out, the description of "webhosting" doesn't really cover what we're paying for. Wildfire Games rents a dedicated server in a very professional data center, with a lot of tools to remotely manage a server and a lot of bandwidth available. We do this because we host some very specific things, such as: - a torrent tracker for game downloads - the multiplayer lobby server - an autobuild server which compiles the game code and checks for errors every night And of course our websites, forum (with attachment database) and game files, requiring roughly ~200 GB diskspace. Plus, we use up about 5 terabyte (!) data traffic each month, with 1.5 terabyte on a single day during game releases. We get a lot of bang for our buck, so we are actually getting a very good deal on the hosting.
  10. Hi eldi, I think there's something you're not getting. Wildfire Games / 0 A.D. is an open organization, community-driven and open-source project. Almost everything involving the project is transparent and available to the public - on purpose. We are aware that the meetinglogs are referenced in robots.txt. They are no secret. The meetings are held every sunday evening (GMT) in #0ad-staff on irc.quakenet.org and everyone is welcome to be there and contribute. The reason why they're in robots.txt is because we don't want gamers searching for details about 0 A.D. ending up there, because it's a developer resource. The old art directories you mentioned are online for posterity and reference. Somehow they've also made it onto Google, which I guess shouldn't be the case. I bet the main reason why there's a notice about no hotlinking is because back then, the project wasn't open-source. Either that, or there's doubts about the copyrights of some of the images. Either way, it's also not a secret (else you probably wouldn't have found it so easily ;-)). As for the Wordpress readme.html, that's also publicly available data, so nothing we care to hide. I know common advice is to delete it, to supposedly hide the version of Wordpress better, but this does not matter. Please see this page: http://www.wpwhitesecurity.com/wordpress-security/hide-wordpress-version-does-it-matter/
  11. There is a small interruption in our lobby server today, on no day other than friday the 13th! I can assure you it has nothing to do with bad luck though. In the past month we've been migrating Wildfire Games services (the website, forums, the autobuilder, irc bot) to a brand new server. Because we've been suffering from a lot of downtime lately, due to all kinds of different issues, we've decided to move all services to one central, reliable place. Today we've moved the lobby service to the new server as well. So presumably this will be last downtime for a long time (*knock wood*) for the multiplayer lobby. :-) The lobby is currently working without issues on the new server, however the DNS for lobby.wildfiregames.com may not have updated everywhere yet with the new IP address. If the lobby server isn't working for you at the moment, please be patient; it should start working again within 24 hours at most.
  12. Hi Pierree! I like your application... oh, and also your country of origin! ;-) To be frank, we don't do a lot of custom web development at Wildfire Games. The forums are IPBoard, which is an installation which is just updated every now and then and the main 0 A.D. site is Wordpress, which is basically the same story... every now and then it's updated, that's about it. The only website that's custom made is the site for Wildfire Games itself, www.wildfiregames.com. That's a very basic, simple site though. So my question for you would be: how do you think you can contribute? :-) Do you have some things in mind that you think could be useful to have for our websites, or do you have some ideas you can implement to strengthen our online community perhaps?
  13. Attachments are fixed as far as I can tell.
  14. Should be fixed now; the paths are a bit different on the new server and the forum couldn't find the attachments because of that.
  15. Those are fixed now. It's actually a matter of incorrect URL's. The correct URL would be http://play0ad.com/images/new_icons/twitter.png But I've made a redirect and now the old/wrong links work again.
  16. As far as I can tell, all issues with the main www.play0ad.com website are now resolved. I'll look into the attachments not working soon.
  17. It would actually be nice in the default (restricted) camera would allow you to zoom in closer and further out.
  18. What other suggestions do you have? Where can you contribute? :-)
  19. Hi, What about www.play0ad.com would you like to improve? Regards, implodedok
  20. Lion, I don't see any sheet music on that link?
  21. You should consider getting a pop filter for your microphone. Other than that, it sounds quite good I think!
  22. I can't reproduce this either (Firefox 28.0, Ubuntu 12.04). Sorry. Your Firefox is definitely displaying a different font face in the menu than it should though, that's the cause of this. The font it should be using is quite a bit more narrow.
  23. Opzon, you should open your eyes and really look closely at the world around you. Try to see all the kinds of amazing work volunteers are doing around the world. You'd be amazed at how much is being achieved with absolutely no funding whatsoever.
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