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  1. The most interesting about this error is the fact that we don't actually use nginx for the downloads.  I'd like to see the full URL you are trying to access, if possible a screenshot of the actual browser with the error on it.  I'd also like to know what page you were on and what you clicked -exactly- before you got the 404.  I suspect you might've actually been on the wrong website.

  2. Let's get back on topic and stop this side discussion. :-)

    @Pander, thank you for your report and welcome to the forums.  Does the workaround of copy/pasting twice work for you?  Hopefully someone can fix this issue in the future.

    @cloud9, I would like to leave you with these wise words:

    21 hours ago, Imarok said:

    If you have a patch that improves copypasting in 0ad, feel free to upload it.

    That's basically all it boils down to.  If you do not want to share your patch, that is fine by me, but in that case I would ask you to refrain from taking part in the discussion.  This is an open project; we expect openness from everyone participating in the project, otherwise your contributions are not useful.

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  3. 1 hour ago, balduin said:

    @implodedok Why do you need Wordpress? A static site generator should be sufficient.

    Our website content is not static.  Having a CMS is a requirement for us.

    5 hours ago, danielmatute said:

    @implodedok I am not here to learn, i am here to build a website, i worked giving maintenace to americaeconomia-ca.com for 6 months which is a wordpress website and developed a tiny php framework for 3 months at Claro (i have the repository at bitbucket), i put i have no previous experience because i haven't build a portfolio to show, but i know we can improve this website greatly, not only in the way we present content which need some rework, like combining text, colors and media in a more appealing way but also in the backend which i am willing to help with. Knowledge: I can work with mysql, symfony, wordpress, nodejs + expressjs.

    That is good to hear.  Don't sell yourself short when presenting yourself.  This all counts as work experience, even if you don't have the portfolio.  Do you have any experience with designing websites?  (and by that I mean the visual side, not the HTML/CSS code)

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  4. 7 hours ago, danielmatute said:

    Skills and Experience: no previous work experience

    I enjoyed reading your introduction, but this part bothers me a little.  Of course you don't need to be extremely experienced to contribute, but if I read your message right, you're on the other side of the spectrum.  So let me ask the difficult question:

    What exactly do you have to offer Wildfire Games?  We're not a learning institution, we're a group of developers who write code, design art, etc.  If you want to contribute to our website (we are actually going to develop a new one in the future, so an extra web developer would actually be wanted), it would help greatly if you were at least familiar with PHP7 and SQL.  Wordpress experience would be good as well, but if you're at least a decent PHP7 developer or familiar with HTML5/CSS3, we could work on that.  But I have no idea what tasks you could fulfill with "no experience".

    Please elaborate.

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  5. On 8/28/2017 at 2:04 AM, The Undying Nephalim said:

    the dev version might make it too hard for casual players to download and play the mod

    Of course, since 0 A.D. is open-source and licensed the way it is, you don't actually need to have players download and install 0 A.D. first.  You could redistribute 0 A.D. alpha 22 with your mod included as Hyrule <version>, or even redistribute the development version along with your own content.

  6. 25 minutes ago, Andrettin said:

    I had seen screenshots of 0 AD with isometric view, and indeed it looks stunning :) Unfortunately, having everything in 3D (even if we managed to give the 3D models the somewhat cartoonish look of the sprites Wyrmsun uses) would require redeveloping A LOT of assets for Wyrmsun, which isn't really feasible.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you set camera fixed in isometric view, you don't need to create 3D models do you?  You can just have a 3D box with a 2D sprite on it positioned so that it always faces the camera (which is easy to do with a fixed camera position).  Of course that will break things like proper 3D shadows, but it could be a nice way to start maybe?  Eventually assets might be converted to true 3D models and then you could even unfix the camera, but with fixed camera that doesn't need to happen right away.

    Also, Wyrmsun on Pyrogenesis: :gossip:

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  7. @fcxSanya  I am not sure what the actual problem with the redirects is.  Best solution for me would be to fix the http:// links to https://


    EDIT:  actually, there seems to be an upgrade for IPBoard available which has a bugfix for "Error redirecting from http to https."  I will apply this update within the next hour or so.  Let me know if this fixes it.

    EDIT:  upgrade applied.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

    Sorry I mean  block, but just I can't editing that, Im not sure why. For me isn't important I don't use mobile version but I have some class about create webs but isn't my strong point as designer, only I share my knowledge.

    I create websites and web applications for a living. :-)  Keep up the good work.

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