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  1. Just to add some information to this, I encountered the problem again today, but this time I noticed that there was another *pyrogenesis.exe* running in the background (without actually doing anything). Also the \Appdata\Local\0ad folder was being used (by the pyrogenesis.exe). So I think that's what caused the problem.
  2. Sorry I was wrong; I installed it in a folder named 0_AD (C:\games\0_AD), so the '_' could have caused the problem?
  3. I think just the first one that was the default in the installer, don't know exactly what it was. After changing directory everything works...
  4. I played it on german, but even with english (I can open the game only after reinstalling) this still happens. I tried unchecking everything in the options, but didn't seem to change much. ...But installing it to a new folder helped (dumb me), even with all the old settings . What do you think could have been the problem?
  5. After the install (of the new alpha 16) everything worked perfectly, but when I closed the game and restarted it, the games crashes (I don't even get to the main menu). I'm on windows 7 64 bit. Any ideas what might cause this? crashlog.txt
  6. I want 0AD to be like the Total War series. Someone should make a mod/gamemode. This could be done for very many different game ideas, just create another gamemode. It would make 0ad much more interesting...
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