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  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful reply.
  2. Good day, I would like to ask when will the Alpha 14 and whether it normal multiplayer? (The lobby)
  3. Very nice pictures of the Scythian warriors. Here is a link to download. http://zalil.ru/34504697
  4. here's the video, I was killed in the battle (( Mod:Rome at war Game: Mount & Blade: Warband
  5. I love this game, for me, is the best, but it has one drawback is the optimization, I have a pretty bad computer not two but they both begin to slow down in the game you could not fished a little attention to optimizing ask you.If you have any news on this Tell for more ... I also brought about six friends all like but then again optimization makes them disgusted.
  6. Just install hamachi and play on my health from the beginning there were problems as you have. Here's my room join Name: 0 A.D.(v13) Password: 1
  7. Sarmatians Elite Saka cataphracts Noble cavalry Saks Sarmatian horse archers Noble cavalry Roxolani Sarmatian archers Sarmatian militia spearmen Eldar Embaltay
  8. 'll Send screenshots units Sarmatians!
  9. They have the same architecture, but the troops are different or not?
  10. Scythians were even stone fortress. Scythian Neapolis
  11. At that time I think I may come to mind more sensible idea than the last.
  12. This is not the Scythians but close to them.
  13. And do not understand why this nonsense to be engaged to move yurt.Warcraft 3 Night Elves can move and it did not create an imbalance simply reduce health buildings and will be all happy.
  14. May prevent them from the field (also corrals animals) and they will have to move to where more animals, and the radius of the construction around the –°ivil Center to do very little, that would not be who did not build a warehouse for food near the border and the camp will constantly in motion. (Look for new herds of animals).
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