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  1. Ah, I see. An oversight on my part. Thanks for the pointer! Will do If possible, maybe an additional message in the dialog along the lines of "Match Options are not available in Scenario mode. To change these settings, switch to Random mode."
  2. The announcement for the Alpha 12 Loucetios release stated that new "Match Setup Options" would be available to alter the population cap and starting resources for each player. I installed Loucetios via the standard win32 release package .exe, but found that the settings in the More Options dialog could not be changed (i.e. no drop down menu appears) under Single Player Multiplayer also suffers from this issue, with the interesting appearance of a "Cheats" checkbox (which I presume would have been for Single Player?) Have I installed Loucetios incorrectly, or forgot to enable a setting in the configuration files? (FYI - I am running a Win 7 64-bit system / Core 2 Duo T7500 2.20 2.20 GHz / 3.00 GB RAM) Thanks in advance.
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