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  1. Ah I’m thinking of the stone textures I was trying to use for the cliffs
  2. no resolution is definitely part of it, some of these are still 128px normals would help though
  3. what do your specular and normal maps look like?
  4. is there a specular map? or did you just apply a specular texture?
  5. basic_trans if you dont have any specmaps or normal maps I would suggest making a specular map for shiny purposes
  6. player_trans turns all transparency into playercolor
  7. What, your family murdered by tents or something? Looks nice, was made by very skilled artists working like slaves in some instances. Only thing I’m opposed to here is the milking of AC
  8. That’s such a boring looking building whyyy
  9. My man, I never said it had to be. But where it is, visual communication takes precedent. It took quite a while for me to be able to do this too but, the most accurate building in the world - even if it follows the designated layout - is subpar if it does not clearly show its function in the design. For the record, I'm not against using the Principia as a base for the roman barracks, I just need to make sure we know our priorities here. Historicity and aesthetics go without saying, it is the visual communication that tends to go over the artist's* head, so we put emphasis on it. *sources: me, my head. a lot. Dont make my mistakes
  10. Yes, yes it is. We are not copying reconstructions blow for blow, and at the end of the day, a game's assets need to be accessible and of clear purpose for new players. This is top priority.
  11. Good to see you around Enrique, even as a lurker! Another set of creative eyes never hurts
  12. farm beautification was done a while ago, I'm not sure what was intended here
  13. Snows gonna make YouTube video compression awful to look at
  14. yo that architecture's from 19th century new york and pennsylvania
  15. ah yes i call it 'a collection of art assets without entities yet'
  16. If you see normal and spec maps not used, they're likely broken to a degree, arecas and atlas cedars have the parallax warping real bad
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