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  1. whats that low shrubbery by the water?
  2. I like what I'm seeing, Ptolemaic and kushite similarities will fall away once the ptolemies get hellenized eventually Might bundle that with the new walls
  3. they aren't backwards, they just need to be redesigned
  4. ah well, Enrique may have taken them out, he heavily edited the slinger animation too to fit in with the increasingly quickened attack speeds, something I feel needs to be changed sooner rather than later
  5. I made a few offensive shield animations for the swordsmen, are they not in rotation?
  6. Hey don't worry we mod too haha Some of those mods are made by current and former devs, so treat them as you will
  7. oh my god what is that ground texture
  8. LordGood

    My arts

    I don't know how UV mapping works in 3Ds, but that's what you're looking for
  9. LordGood

    My arts

    Hey man feel free to practice with our structural textures! It's a much better start than mine haha
  10. I do believe the privileged citizenry of Carthage would have spent a lot more time indoors than their counterparts. It's a non issue at the end of the day.
  11. shouldnt, messy ngons just make me uncomfortable lol
  12. Alternatively, normal maps and a square plane with alpha could both give complex polearms more definition and keep poly count way down, if you didnt want to put so many polys in. True geometry will look better but those curved edges might hit performance-wise, especially if they're fleshed out
  13. I've been having to do some serious overtime at work, it's going to be slow for a while
  14. Civic centers can be built in neutral territory, and it grants a large rooted territory spread. It should be the first building of any settlement
  15. The yellows and reds are sticking out a bit too much between players, it could lead to gameplay confusion
  16. I would make sure the saturations on anything that isn't playercolor is low enough to distinguish different troops, the Persian army should look like a fruit salad but that might hinder gameplay if we stick to it. speaking only on the bright linothorax, the archers are looking good
  17. wat someone's never been sling'd at. horrifying experience either way
  18. I'd say it's definitely up to par. If you're not happy with it, you can revisit it later of course, or let one of us take a crack at it from the repo ;p
  19. It's a dual role unit, switchable templates would have them put their bows and quivers to use, but we don't have those yet.
  20. people vote siege workshop out of the town phase but vote battering ram into the town phase Lord have mercy what are y'all doin
  21. @(-_-) Try one of the decal actors, geology/stone_decal_desert_b.xml should work nicely for a desert visual, if that doesnt show well enough, one of the new spartan building decals- props/structures/decals/spart_3x3.xml will show nicely on most terrain
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