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  1. Having randomly male/female fighter units seems like a good idea, presumably that would mean that just a few new models would be incorporated into existing units, rather than a whole new unit? With regards to female units having less HP than males, I can't think of any reason why that should be the case: I don't think it's fair or correct! I do understand that civs need to be balanced though
  2. So, I think it's great that this game features Boudicca as a Celtic hero(ine!), however, Boudicca was not the only female warrior (though of course she is the most well known for her days of kicking Roman @#$% and for refusing to submit to them even in defeat). The Celts, unlike the sexist Romans, did not see women as subservient to men and they would go into battle together. So perhaps instead of the Celtic female citizens being merely worker/gatherers they could be armed (and dangerous!) just like the male citizen-soldiers. Also, Celtic druids were not exclusively male so maybe there could be female druids in game, not as a seperate unit but maybe just as a model variation so when you train a druid it'll either be male or female. Here's some quotes from the Roman invaders about Celtic Women. “…a whole band of foreigners will be unable to cope with one [Gaul] in a fight, if he calls in his wife, stronger than he by far and with flashing eyes; least of all when she swells her neck and gnashes her teeth, and poising her huge white arms, begins to rain blows mingled with kicks, like shots discharged by the twisted cords of a catapult.” -Ammianus Marcellinus “Here the women met them holding swords and axes in their hands. With hideous shrieks of rage they tried to drive back the hunted and the hunters. The fugitives as deserters, the pursuers as foes. With bare hands the women tore away the shields of the Romans or grasped their swords, enduring mutilating wounds." -Plutarch PS: (wrong forum I expect but) I'm getting to know Atlas by working on a scenario of the famous Iceni and Trinovantes sacking of Camoludunum led by Boudicca. Trying to at least nod in the direction of historical accuracy, so if anyone has ideas or info on the subject that could be really helpful. I'll make a thread in the apporpriate forum when it's complete. Cheers folks
  3. Fn+F10 works for me to open the menu though ESC is the more obvious choice I think.
  4. Yeah, I was expecting errors and such, just wanted to report them With the menu button thing, it works when I'm using the discrete GPU (NVIDIA GeForce 9600m GT) but not when I'm using the integrated (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M). Thanks for the link to the known problems thread – clears a lot up.
  5. Hi, just d/l'ed and played a bit on my mac. What an awesome game so far – brings back some fond AoE2 memories! Just a couple of things that have probably been picked up before but just in case... During the game I couldn't use the menu button (it gets highlighted but doesn't open when I click) so I had to force quit to exit. Also was getting some javascript errors to do with 'jubot' when in combat. I've attached a screenshot of the error text from the console, sorry if there's a simpler way of submitting that info or if this is the wrong thread! Great work folks!
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