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  1. the citizens or skirmishers need more percent increase in hunt. Thats all at the hunters.
  2. Hehehe Sorry but I was experimented more lagg that he said xD
  3. The lagg in this moments of the games is a great problem because you dont play the game very happy however if you play very nervous. Follow this Post¡¡
  4. Well, First Iberians are not good harvesting and im confused because we are one of the best gatherers and harvesters. For this iberians arent good for me and the warriors of iberians cost so much. Iberians also missing hunters that is important to spanish people because in Spain there are many hunters. Celts are good but I think they need to improve their blacksmithing and fishing.
  5. Yeah¡ That`s correct but I am spanish and the iberians are too bad in farm and cultives. Sorry but i have a garden and one terrain of cultives. Recollect food in Spain is very imporant since of the iberians, Cetiberians was existed in my willage. Because I write this post. Thank You
  6. Thats correct men. The game needs more optimization and more technologies for the battle.
  7. Because the celtic civilization is one of the most important civilization of Europe. Thats all. The game is perfect but I think that we add more technologies and weapons. Great job¡
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