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  1. ok another thing ist, please teach AI that it is not a very good idea to try to chop a tree near my defense line because then the AI looses all his citziens tryin to reach that tree. I have no clue about programming an AI but it should need a rule like, if 3 or 4 Collectors alre lost tryin to gather a rescource mark Resource as no reachable. Please dont take my critics woring - i love really love the game! edit: i would love to contribute something to 0ad, so if u ever want to translate the game in German plse let me know, i would be glad to help. Or if there are some historic researches to be done, let me know, i study history and i have a good Acess to sources and Profs. So long
  2. Didnt know there were an similliar discussion allready on going Will there be an alarm button for citizens?
  3. My Point is there is no reason to build a animal farm because the normal farms are way more effctiv - but if there is no reason to build why have - i mean i still build them but more for decco reasons
  4. i would love to make some little suggestions Alarm button for citziens - so i can brim them into safety It would be nice to actually see soldiers in the towers if i garnisoned them there animal farms are useless if i have to pay 50 food to gain 100 food - the Difference is to small if soldiers and citziens are marked together, a button is needed so can divided easily
  5. hi guys, lovee the game but i reckon two things which are really anoyin. First things is AI prefers building mills instead of attackin me, so if i attack him i find, literally, thousends of them in the enemy teretory. Second, im a defense Player so i bulid a lot castle, towers and wall. At some point AI seems to think that it is not a good idea to attack me anymore and stops every action. Maybe because there are no rescources anymore because AI used it everything to build the Mills... PS. No native english speaker, still i hope u get what i mean
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