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  1. we both have Macs, i have Snow Leoprd and he has Lion. I dunno about firewall, all it is is a button that i can turn on and and made exceptions. same for him
  2. we actually did try it without the port, but we'll try again, i just thought the port needed to be on the end to connect, thanks.
  3. the only probem i had with minecraft was port forwarding when i didnt know how
  4. This is my second post on multiplayer because we still cant get it working. So, heres exactly what we do: -I get my IP adress and port forward the port 20595 -I give him the IP example: 123.456.789.123:20595 -I go into 0AD and multiplayer then host game, i tell him to go into join game and use the IP i gave him -He tries to connect but cant connect, it says cant connect to server or lost connection to server -Ive tried being in the lobby and in game, neither work -Ive tried having an AI set to un-assigned but that doesnt work -Ive tried having the senaio on random but that doesnt work Someone please tell me if i am missing something or doing something wrong. My firewall is set to allow incoming connections for 0AD I am 100% sure its my external IP, ive had experience with a Minecraft server, ive checked whatismyip.com it says the same as it does on my router website (the site) and we have tried on numerous occasions He lives in the same town as me so there shoudlnt be much of an internet connection problem or anything.
  5. ill ask him to allow his firewall to allow 0 A.D. to make connections and add it to the list, he might not even have his firewall turned on, i know i didnt have it turned on.
  6. we tried again today, i tried my IP with :20595 on the end after it was port forwarded and it said (on his screen) failed to connect to server.
  7. we didnt get any error messages, just said connecting to server and didnt connect, it could do it for days and wouldnt connect. i downloaded the game a day before him only a few days ago so it is the latest and same, as for SVN i dont know what that is
  8. yes its an external IP, ive had experience with Minecraft servers and my own server (people could join) its definatly my external IP. My Firewall is turned on and allowed 0 A.D. to access incoming connetions.
  9. I need help to do with Multiplayer, more specificly how to connect with others and for them to connect with me. Help anyone?

  10. My friend and i have this game, both on Mac, i have Snow Leopard and he has Lion, the game works we can play offline skirmishes against AIs. BUT, we cant seem to connect to each others servers, well we actually dont know how to set up a server, we can host game, but the other cant join. I read something about the port 20595, i have port forwarded that and gave my friend the IP but he still couldnt join. Can someone please give me a simple (no technical stuff) answer on how we can join each other. Thanks. -PS this game is awesome. Love it.
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