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  1. My project based on 0A.D.

    Hi, your project sounds really interesting, and I would love to help. I can't do much on the modding or art front, but I can help with research, ideas, testing, anything like that.
  2. Alpha XI Name Suggestions

    Kronos sounds good to me.
  3. Hiding in Forests

    I don't think it should be faction specific. Maybe several light units can do this, but more in Iberians?
  4. New great idea concerning the metagame

    This would kill lots of people's performance.
  5. Logistics and attrition warfare

    Yeah, a supply wagon to prevent attrition would be really useful.
  6. Infiltration, espionage, sabotage, bribery and countermeasures

    I'm all for spies. Although the AI might not be able to handle them very well...
  7. Mac OSX

    What was the last version to support 10.5.8?
  8. Idea For Funding

    You should make a kickstarter. It'll probably be really successful, seeing as you have such a nice game already.
  9. Formations Upgrade

    The Formations really need an upgrade. They don't work in combat, the units just choose their targets and chase them around the map.
  10. Mac OSX

    My Mac runs fine with 10.5.8, and I don't have £26 pounds to spend on an update that does next to nothing.
  11. Mac OSX

    Yes, well, I don't feel like paying £26 pounds for a free game that I can run on my laptop.
  12. Suggestions

    I've thought of a few useful things that could be added, so I'm going to put them all here: Select all of your units on the screen option on a hotkeySelect all of your units on the map on a hotkeySelect all of your units of this type on one of the unit's menuCall all military units to chosen building on it's menuGive orders while the game is paused
  13. Suggestions for 0 A.D.

    Just a small suggestion, but you should make switching units to run mode easier.
  14. Mac OSX

    Why do you need to have 10.6 or later for Mac OSX? I really want to play this and maybe donate but my laptop lags really badly and my mac is running on 10.5.8.