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  1. Patricius

    0 A.D. is a very good game... Why?

    Although the slowing up in the current subversion is annoying (the earliest subversions were better in that regard), I like a solid classical RTS design with a very high quality building set.
  2. If my fairly new computer cannot handle this game, there is a problem. The Total War series, Sleeping Dogs all work on the best settings, even the inefficient Mount and Blade Warband with a tweaked config file to allow the whole army on the battlefield at once.
  3. Patricius

    0 A.D. is a very good game... Why?

    This would be great rts, except that if a person plays a medium to large map for any great length, the game becomes gummed up. It slows and slows, then crashes. That's to do with pathfinding taking too much resources, or something on those lines. Get that fixed, and this game will be a classic.
  4. Patricius

    Bell Town Concept

    Perhaps the player could toggle after selecting ten or so villagers, whether they are to array as an army or garrison.
  5. Patricius

    Just announced: Age of Empires Online

    I cannot abide the cartoonish graphics. Still, it keeps the great series alive, so that must be endured.
  6. A secondhand phone might be an option. Something current like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or recent like the S2 can be got for surprising little through classified ads, only making sure the seller has the paperwork, so a person not buying a phone Jolly Rogered from someone.
  7. Patricius

    0AD on my desktop

    Gah, I hoped it was a way to pwn Saddam Hussein with Ancient Greeks and Carthaginians .
  8. Patricius

    Look what i found, a roman city! (model)

    It could be increased in size and work as a base in scenarios where resource gathering is not a factorl.
  9. Something in the Total War series or Mount&Blade Warband or Caesar IV or Mafia II (great cars only the shops are forgiven of robbery I avoid killing the staff) or Saints Row 2 (gang violence is better than TT and so is shop robbery) or SRTT(LA Noire only rarely as it is too restrictive, the only way to randomly kill innocent people is to drive over some of them). One of the them. Or occasionally, anything in my shortcuts list like Children of the Nile (it still looks atmospheric in spite of the Empire Earth graphics engine).
  10. Possibly it would be necessary to send citizens to a barracks or town centre to be armed, although they should have some basic fighting ability if they are caught cutting wood or hewing stone.
  11. Patricius

    Early, short review of Alpha XI

    Quite simply, where the ai works on the map in XI, it gets slower and slower and eventually crashes, Every time. The last build was far more stable. I could play a game against ai opponents who functioned properly. Now the ai (qbot for example) doesn't work, or spews errors messages if it works and creates units, structures and attacks the player, or it appears to works, slow more and more, then crashes. I might try all the maps, but this build seems inferior to earlier ones having regard to playability. How does a person access the SVN build? It probably works well, and it would be less frustrating as these errors are probably nixed.
  12. Patricius

    Look what i found, a roman city! (model)

    I think that's just a prop for scenario makers. There are a few of that sort of thing in the editor.
  13. Patricius

    Theatron or theatre idea

    The Republican Romans had arenas from the third century BC, and stone theatres from the time of Pompey the Great onwards.
  14. Patricius

    new gaming mode: tower defence

    The bastions or towers on walls fire arrows presumably? I have never built walls much.
  15. If a civ perishes, could its pop cap be shared (assuming later optimisation of pathfinding and so on)?