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  1. Interesting... Hope you could add the Steppes Nations to that expansion!
  2. I even thought about a Germanic civ, because they were enemies of both Romans and Gauls.
  3. Gaius or maybe Garamantia (used sometimes by the latins to call the entire continent of Africa) or maybe Giugurta, the italian form of Jugurtha, numidian king
  4. No, you're right. I'm happy to see that you're interested in this faction.
  5. Thank you very much Thorfinn. Here are some images of Schythian/Sarmatian warriors from a mod for Rome Total War called Europa Barbarorum to show you the Sarmatian/Scythian equipment: Sarmatian Spearman Sarnatian Foot Archer Slavic Javelinman Sarmatian/Aorsi Cavalry Sarmatian Horse Archer Roxolani Cavalry Sarmatian Bodyguard Cavalry Aorsi Raiders: Schythian Foot Archer: Schythian Horse Archer: Schythian Cavalry
  6. Well, I'm interestede in all of history and when I playied 0 A.D. I thought that maybe the Sarmatians would fit well in the game. These are their unique elements: 1)Structures cost less and have less defense than those of the other civs. 2)Their armies will be formed almost completely by horsemen because their infantry units (except archers) will be really poor in both attack and defense. 3)They won't have a navy, because they lived in the steppes and didn't live thanks to fishing and sailing, It would be wonderful to defend a small schythan fort from a great roman legion using powerful horse archers and spear cavalrymen.
  7. UNIT DESCRIPTIONS INFANTRY Generic Name: Sarmatian SpearmanSpecific Name: Sauromatae Arc AexsaegClass: Spearman.Hacker Armament: Spear (2.75m); Short Sword (ornamental).Appearance:Basic: No armor, no helmet, basic shield, spear and short sword, pants.Advanced: No armor, no helmet, basic shield, spear and short sword, pants and shirt.Elite: Simple round helmet, light chainmail, basic shield, spear and short sword, pants.[*]History: The Sarmatians relied principally on cavalry but in their armies there were many men on foot too.[*]Garrison: 1.[*]Function: Heavy close-quarter combat.[*]Special: Generic Name: Slavic JavelinmanSpecific Name: VoinuClass: Javelinist.Hacker Armament: Javelin; Short Sword (ornamental).Appearance:Basic: Simple, with tunic and pants, barefoot and bareheaded, and a bunch of javelins about 4 feet long.Advanced: Tunic and pants, small shield, bareheaded, shoes and a bunch of javelins about 4 feet long.Elite: Tunic and pants, large oval shield, bareheaded, shoes and a bunch of javelins about 4 feet long.[*]History: The Voinu were principally used by the northern sarmatian tribes of the Nauri and Boudinoi, they don't wear armor but are fierce javelinmen.[*]Garrison: 1.[*]Function: -[*]Special: - Generic Name: Sarmatian Foot ArchersSpecific Name: Sauromatae Fistaeg Fat AexsdzhytaeClass: Archer.Hacker Armament: Composite bow (higher range than Persian bow; about 120% of the Persian equivalent).Appearance: Composite bow, no armor and sarmatian shirt and pants and short decorative sword, they have their quivers on their left leg.Basic: Shirt, pants, composite bow, short sword.Advanced: Shirt, pants, composit bow, short sword, light round helmet.Elite: Light chainmail armor, composite bow, short sword, light round helmet. [*]History: The Sarmatian Archers usually fought on horses but in numerous cases some men preferred or had to fight on foot.[*]Garrison: 1.[*]Function: Good against Infantry.[*]Special: - CAVALRY Generic Name: Aorsi/Sarmatian CavalrySpecific Name: Aursa UaezdaettaeClass: Cavalry SpearmanHacker Armament: Long Spear (1,80 m)Appearance: Basic: Shirt, pants, spear, no foot wear.Advanced: Light asiatic armor, spear.Elite: Asiatic heavy cuirass, spear.Figure(s): -[*]History: The Sarmatian Cavalry is the backbone of all the sarmatian armies.[*]Garrison: 2.[*]Function: Good against Ranged Infantry only. He's PANTS against melee infantry.[*]Special: -. Generic Name: Sarmatian Horse ArcherSpecific Name: Sauromatae Fat AexsdzhytaeClass: Cavalry ArcherHacker Armament: Composite bow (higher range than Persian bow; about 120% of the Persian equivalent).Appearance:Basic: Pants, shirt, shoes, composite bow.Advanced: Pants, shirt, shoes, composite bow, light round helmet.Elite: Chainmail armor, pants, shoes, composite bow.[*]History: Sarmatian Horse Archers are the terror of all the villages near the steppes![*]Garrison: 2.[*]Function: Good hunter.[*]Special: -. SUPPORT UNITS Generic Name: Sarmatian Woman Specific Name: (need to find name)Class: Female Citizen.Appearance: Long shirt, pants.History: The woman in the sarmatian tribes is more important than in the Greek and Roman societies and it seems that sometimes there were tribes lead by a woman or more women that inspired the Amazon legend.Garrison: 1.Function: Good at gathering food. Has an 'aura' that boosts the productivity of citizen-soldiers around her.Special: - Generic Name: PriestSpecific Name: (need to find name)Class: Healer.Appearance:Garb: Similar to the celtic druid.Helmet: None.Shield: None.Figure(s): Old man. White hair. Optional beard.[*]History: The art of medicine was known by the Sarmatians in a more spiritual way, similar to the druides of the Celts.[*]Garrison: 1.[*]Function: -[*]Special: - Generic Name: MerchantSpecific Name: (need to find name)Class: Trader.Appearance:Garb: Shirt, pants, shoes.Helmet: None.Shield: None.Figure(s): Donkey caravan.Mount: Donkey.[*]History: The Sarmatians (and especially the Schythian tribes) were very well known for their ability of using gold: a lot of statues and beatiful pieces of art in gold made by them were discovered.[*]Garrison: 2.[*]Function: -[*]Special: - SIEGE UNITS Generic Name: RamSpecific Name: BradoClass: Land Ram.Appearance:Shell: Ram operated by 4 men with no covering.Figure(s): See above.[*]History: Sieges made by Sarmatians were very rare and so their unique siege weapon is a simple log made to open the enemy's city gates.[*]Garrison: 2.[*]Function: Lower than normal hit points.[*]Special: - SARMATIAN CHAMPION UNITS Generic Name: Roxolani CavalrySpecific Name: Rauxsa-alanna BaexdzhyntaeClass: Super Cavalry Spearman Unit.Hacker Armament: Normal Sword, small shield.Appearance: No helmet, chainmail armor, Normal Sword, small shield.History: The Roxolani were a powerful sarmatian tribe that lived near the modern day Crimean paeninsula.Garrison: 1.Function: Good vs. Cavalry and Infantry. Their Achilles Heel is definitely the spearmen.Special: - Generic Name: Sarmatian Bodyguard CavalrySpecific Name: Aeldary AembaltaeClass: Super Cavalry Spearman Unit.Hacker Armament: Long spear (1,80 m)Appearance: Round helmet, asian plate armor, horse with cuirass and decoration plumes on the top of his head.History: These men work as bodyguards for the sarmatian generals, they are the elite of the steppes cavalry. They are the equivalent of the Parthian cataphracts.Garrison: 1.Function: Good against all units except Hoplites.Special: 100% bonus against javelinmen, women, priests and every light infantry or simply light unit. Generic Name: Aorsi RaidersSpecific Name: Aursa BaexdzhyntaeClass: Super Cavalry Archer Unit.Hacker Armament: Composite Bow.Appearance: Light chainmail armor, composite bow.History: The Aorsi were a powerful sarmatian tribe that lived north of the Caucasus mountains.Garrison: 1.Function: Good vs. Cavalry and Infantry. Their Achilles Heel are definitely the archersSpecial: - SCHYTHIAN CHAMPION UNITS Generic Name: Schythian Foot ArchersSpecific Name: Skuda Fistaeg Fat AexsdzhytaeClass: Super Infantry Archer Unit.Hacker Armament: Composite bow.Appearance: Thracian hat, persian like dressing, composite bow.History: The Schythians were the most powerful sarmatian tribe of the west. They defeated the Persians, the Greeks and the Romans.Garrison: 1.Function: Good against Infantry. Vulnerable to Cavalry.Special: - Generic Name: Schythian Horse ArchersSpecific Name: Skuda BaexdzhyntaeClass: Super Cavalry Archer Unit.Hacker Armament: Composite bow.Appearance: Schythian hat, persian like dressing, composite bow, small shield on the left arm.History: Schythian horse archers are one of the best horse archers units known in the world.Garrison: 2.Function: All around powerful unit, but best vs. Infantry. Fast mobile units. Only weakness is vs. enemy Archers.Special: - Generic Name: Schythian Noble CavalrySpecific Name: Skuda UaedzaettaeClass: Super Cavalry Spearman Unit.Hacker Armament: Spear (1,30 m)Appearance: Greek-ish round helmet with plume, greek armor, round medium shield, spear.History: Schythian Noble Cavalry is an elite unit of the Schythian armies.Garrison: 2.Function: All around powerful unit, but best vs. Infantry. Fast mobile units. Only weakness is vs. enemy Spearmen.Special: - SARMATIAN HEROES I have to think about them. SCHYTHIAN HEROES I have to think about them- NEW UNIT TRAITS None CIV CENTRE UNITS Melee Infantry: Sarmatian Spearman.Ranged Infantry: Slavic Javelinman.Cavalry: Aorsi Cavalry. FORBIDDEN CLASSES Swordsman.Slinger.Quinquereme. STRUCTURE DESCRIPTIONS (need historical names) VILLAGE Generic Name: HouseholdSpecific Name: OikosClass: House.History: Sarmatian houses were really simple and most of the times were tents, because these people were nomadic or semi-nomadic. Generic Name: GranarySpecific Name: SitobolionClass: Farmstead.History: Grain was plentiful in the region of Schythia and in fact the greeks traded with the Schythians a lot to get grain for Hellas. Generic Name: FieldSpecific Name: SitobolionClass: Field.History: Farming was well developed by the southern Schythians but the other Sarmatian tribes weren't so good in growing crops. Generic Name: Corral Specific Name: StavlosClass: Corral.History: Basic animal pen. Also for horses, which were the main element of the Sarmatian life. Generic Name: WarehouseSpecific Name: AnakeionClass: Mill.History: Resources and building materials were kept in warehouses. Generic Name: OutpostSpecific Name: PyrgionClass: Scout Tower.History: Towers were an important part of city fortifications. The defending troops shot arrows at the enemy and poured boiling oil over the assailants. TOWN Generic Name: Civic CentreSpecific Name: AgoraClass: Civic Centre.History: The town center of the Sarmatian city was very simple: it was very similar to the other houses. Generic Name: TempleSpecific Name: NaosClass: Temple.History: The Sarmatian temples were very simple as all the other building. Generic Name: BarracksSpecific Name: StrategeionClass: Barracks.History: The Sarmatian train field is the necessary building to train an amry. Generic Name: MarketplaceSpecific Name: EmporeionClass: Market.History: Generic Name: City WallSpecific Name: TeichosClass: Wall.History: The Sarmatians very rarely used walls, that's why these walls are made of wood. Generic Name: TowerSpecific Name: PyrgosClass: Tower.History: Towers were an important part of city fortifications. The defending troops shot arrows at the enemy and poured boiling oil over the assailants. Generic Name: GateSpecific Name: PyleClass: Gate.History: The gate for the city wall. CITY Generic Name: FortressSpecific Name: TeichismaClass: Fortress.History: The Sarmatians rarely used defensive structures, but in case of need they could've built a small wooden fortress. SPECIAL STRUCTURES Generic Name: Horse FarmSpecific Name: (?)Class: SB1.History: Horse farms were very important in the Sarmatian society.Requirements: None.Phase: City.Special:All cavalry units are faster, have +2 attack and +1 defense. Generic Name: Hall of the warriors.Specific Name: (?)Class: SB2.History: The hall of the warriors is the place in which the warriors make feasts, train and tell theirs stories.Requirements: None.Phase: City.Special: Trains all Super Units and Heroes. NEW STRUCTURE TRAITS None. FORBIDDEN STRUCTURES Dock. CIV BONUSES CB1 Name: SackingHistory: The Sarmatians were raiders and every village and town near their lands feared them.Effect: +5 iron and food for every enemy killed unit and +10 iron and lumber for every building destroied. CB2 Name: Nomadic TribesHistory: The Sarmatians were nomadic tribes and so all the buildings are very cheap and simple.Effect: -30% building cost. The buildings have 50% less health than the other civilizations' buildings. TEAM BONUS: TB Name: Alliance of the TribesHistory: The Sarmatians were a league of tribes, not a united nation.Effect: All units and allied units have increased LOS. ~ 10% TECHNOLOGIES Infantry: Mediocre to poor.Cavalry: Best Cavalry in the game (defeat even the persians)Naval: None.Siege: Poor.Economy:Farming: Good.Mining:Very Good.Lumbering: Mediocre.Hunting: Good.Land Trade: Good.Naval Trade: None.Architecture: Very, very poor.Defences: Poor. SPECIAL TECHNOLOGIES SARMATIAN SPECIAL TECHNOLOGIES ST1 Name: Advanced Composite Bow.History: The Schythians were very good archers and they soon developed a better composite bow.Effect: +2 attack of Archers (mounted and dismounted). ST2 Name: Sarmatian League.History: In case of danger the Sarmatian tribes united in a league.Effect: Cavalry Spearmen have +1 speed and defense.Alt Effect: SCHYTHIAN SPECIAL TECHNOLOGIES ST1 Name: Advanced FarmingHistory: The region of Schythia was well known for its fertility, It was even the granary of Hellas.Effect: +20% more food from farming. ST2 Name: Hellenised ArmorHistory: The Schythians sometimes wore greek armors (not lynthorax, bronze) and soon became a classic armor for the Schythian nobles.Effect: +2 defense of Cavalry. MISCELLANEOUS Possible "standard" technology Name: Steppes horsesHistory: The Sarmatians and Schythians used powerful horses from the eastern steppes, which were faster than the european ones.Effect: Cavalry moves faster.
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