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  1. Thanks for your time and answers, I feel a bit retarded... Ok, so what intel's saying is a bunch of "Bultachen", If I understood what I've read with your link Pureon. Bruno, I totally understand what you're doing guys, And Honestly you are doing great!! With Open Source it ain't easy to suit every OS or Hardware perfectly, (need time, people etc..) i get it. I'm just so sad that I won't be able to play it on me laptop. Burger!! Keep the good work! Good luck with your next releases. Aaaah, I wanted to play it so much! PS: English isn't my native language, Sorry if I've been unpolite or even rude to anyone.
  2. Someone said that there is no need for separate graphic card??? I did not. All I'm saying is Intel, and I know there are sellers, says They even show us few games that would work with it, Civilisation V, Need for Speed, Star trek....They all new games, using 3D and need some good graphic cards, isn't it? So How come 0 A.D. doesn't work and these would? I just need some explanations.
  3. Hey thanks for your answers, Janwas Are you sure, cause when I go online to check out my graphic card I find this: 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000 (Paired with Intel® 6 Series Chipsets) That's what i get. Can get up to 1.7GB of Graphic Memory ( on Windows 7). It's a story about some prefetchable memory, is it the problem? Or do I just need to configure Ubuntu? Ykkrosh, I tried to set the environment variable but didn't change. Even with the shadow and water effect disable. Cheers
  4. Hello everyone, Ok, like few people I'm having some troubles to run the game on linux : Mouse Lag & General Slowness during the game. 0 A.D. Version: r09786 I build it with the command "CONFIG=Release" I Tested it and went OK! Config: Laptop with Ubuntu 11.04. CPU: Intel i5 4x RAM: 4GB Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics (Integrated VGA compatible controller) Don't know what else to say about me config, So just ask me what's needed and I'll post it. (edit) Any tips to fix the problem?
  5. Hum... so nothing wrong with my config? I'll start a new topic then.
  6. Hello everybody! Hum, It's my first message on this forum and I don't know if I should start my own thread. Cause my problem is exactly the same as Zold, and I've done exactly what Ykkrosh said to fix it. But still, My game is very slow. As soon as start ( leaving the main menu for single player menu for example) the cursor is acting weird, slow I mean. And is still slow during the game. Ok so I'm on a laptop OS : Ubuntu 11.04 CPU: Intel i5 4 core MEM: 4 GB Graphic Chipset: Intel HD Graphics (integrated VGA compatible Controller) I've download the 0ad-r09786-alpha tar.gz (both data and build) and unzipped them, then in a terminal cd 0ad-r09786-alpha/build/workspaces ./update-workspaces.sh -j4 cd gcc make CONFIG=Release -j4 I tested it, Was OK! here is what console gave me after Test and Runing the Game for almost a minute: How do I fix it? Thanks for your futur reply, and Excuse my french Moooartin
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