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  1. All the other popular games train their villagers at the Town Center. Why not at houses instead? Just a random thought. Another random thought: How about a tech that can allow an "apartment" building to be built adding 2-3 time the pop a house does? This tech could either upgrade houses to apartments, or simply allow an apartment building to be built, along with houses. To balance, apartments would cost twice as much. This has precedence in the history of Rome and a few Greek cities. Perhaps this could be an Hellenic civ-only tech/building. Mythos_Ruler
  2. I've enjoyed all the other "age" style games out there. RON, AOE-AOK-AOM, EE, etc., but I have been sorely dissapointed by the selection of buildings available. RON has wonders with specific purposes and bonuses: wonder-ful idea. AOM has beautiful wonders, but no purpose except to win in a wonder race. Go with the RON model, definately. Multiple wonders able to be built, each with a bonus and purpose. As far as general buildings, I love the way buildings look in AOK-AOM, but there's not enough variety and historical accuracy. To add visual spice each building should have 2 or 3 different renders placed either randomly, and/or user defined (probably with a simple mouse rotation while placing the foundation). For instance, when placing a Greek temple you should be able to choose between 2 or 3 different looks based on real historical temples... or they are randomly chosen. Perhaps each look of a building has a *slightly* different function or bonus. Just a few ideas. Mythos_Ruler
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