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  1. Catalanoic

    New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 23 "Ken Wood"

    I need to say here, thanks for A23! Increible work at Jebel Barkal ! I need more like that... The release video is one of the best seen for 0 A.D.
  2. Catalanoic

    0AD units upgrade

    Wow! When on SVN?
  3. Catalanoic

    0AD units upgrade

  4. Can we use this mods in the Mod Selection of SVN? Maybe in Alpha 17 release?
  5. Catalanoic

    [Mapping Contest 16] == Winners Announced!

    Congrats to the winner!!!!!
  6. Catalanoic

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Siege animations

  7. Catalanoic

    Massive map (WIP)

    awesome map!
  8. Catalanoic


    There are some people that wants freeware and opensource videogames and projects on kickstarter. It's a source of money but isn't the way of 0 A.D, I think. But we can make a local campaign in US with kickstarter for make a campus party or anything similar for 0 AD. --- Sorry for my bad english.
  9. Catalanoic


    I'm in 1%=Catalan!!!!
  10. Catalanoic


    We need a translation system like this: http://www.rigsofrod...ranslate/view/1 Rigs of Rods is a free and open source truck/vehicle physics simulator. I can translate 0 AD to catalan, and spanish too.
  11. Catalanoic

    Some good ideas :)

    I can't wait!!!! I just want to help but i don't know how!
  12. Catalanoic

    What are Alpha 9 goals?

    Ok, but whiche prioritys are in the next version??
  13. Catalanoic

    New Civs

    I think too that more civs enrich the game. Maybe in soon versions we will play with chineses, indians and other equal importants civs.