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  1. Hi everyone, I just sent some samples of my work to mister Lahav yesterday so i'll wait until i have some news from him. I couldnt put all the stuff that i would becauseof the contract that i signed with the producers that hired me but i send him some work in progress from some musicals and a little jam i've made the first day that i received my new cubase 6 and my new sampler. I hope he will appreciate and find me a place in your team.
  2. Hi both of you! XD I'm really glad to have some good news from you guys! Well i'm actually out of town for some time with one of my band but when i'll come back at my house in a few days, i'll send you some sample of what i can do and how my samplers sounds. Maybe i'm wrong but Mr. Lahav probably have already his own music in mind for 0 A.D. and know where he want to go with the musical part of the project. I was only expecting to help his songs sounds more realistic by recording few real instrument or making some "rearangement" (dont know if its a word in english ) of his midi files with my samplers libraries But if he want others persons to contribute musically with their own composition i could probably help also, but i'll have to listen to some more track to try to "copy" the essence of the songs to sound familiar. Btw i saw some of your youtube's video and you're a great guitar player. ^^ My own compostion could be more appropriate for "the last alliance" project if wildfire think of restarting it someday.....but that is another story I'll contact mr Lahav as soon as i come back in town. Thanx again.......sounds very promising to work with your team!
  3. Hi all, I'm a french canadien composer that would love to help your team to make one of the most beautiful score on the planet ^^. I'm 31 years old, i learned music in St-Lawrence college in Montreal (Jazz, music history and composition). I played in a professional band for 10 years before returning to my birthplace to live a more healty way (sex drugs and rock and roll wasnt for me after all ). I'm almost able to play any kind of instrument. In high school i was the backup for every instrument that was missing in our harmony orchestra. So i played french horn,trombonne,trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, percussions of all kind, piano and bass. Since then, i also learned irish flute and portugese guitarra. My main instrument still are the electric bass, guitar and piano but i could be able to play some of the others if i have to. Or to find some really good musicians here. As a composer, i've been working on a lot of musical's soundtrack for some canadian cast since 1997.Those soundtrack included the lion king, les miserables, scrooge, the little mermaid, Aïda, Mamma Mia,joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, Jeckyll and Hyde and many others. For composing i'm using Encore and Sibelius (i just moved to sibelius this year so i still use Encore when i have to be more efficient quickly) with Cubase 6 as my DAW. I have a lot of very good vst instrument that could help the songs from 0 A.D. that i heard on this site, sounds even more realistic. (EWQL/Vienna/Komplete/etc.) For recording i have some focusrite liquid 56 with a lot of preamp and microphone and a lot of real instruments. I cannot put any of my work directly on the web due to some legal issues that could occurs with my employers that doesnt want their soundtrack to be distributed anywhere on the web but i could send in private to mister Lahav some samples of my work by email if he wanted to. I hope to have some good news from your team. In any case i'll play it cause i'm sure it will be an amazing game. 0 A.D. will be a really really great games, with some "stunning" music on top of it, it will be almost greater. BTW, sorry for all the mistake that i have made in my post, as i said i'm a french canadian so english isnt my first langage. But i'm better in understanding it than writing it.....
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