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  1. Chakakhan

    The new pathfinder is (finally) in!

    Great news! I will test it when I get back in town.
  2. Chakakhan

    Faction: The Chinese

    Not crap, I think it's a great start.
  3. Chakakhan

    Use of formations

    I am in full agreement Sander. Let's get that much working smoothly first. That would be a huge step forward.
  4. Chakakhan


    The EE example of building conversion looked like cheering to me as well.
  5. Chakakhan

    I can't install the game

    The worst virus I ever got was when they put McAfee "Anti-Virus" on my work machine. No virus had such a huge negative impact like McAfee did. Glad you got things going. AimMyHead - try disabling your anti-virus, re downloading and installing again.
  6. Chakakhan

    A call to QA

    I have been on IRC this week, and there are quite a few changes coming in daily. I have been away from the game and a lot has changed in the last few years. It struck me that my time might best be spent on testing some of these changes and organizing others to help with the testing as well. Yea, I like the idea of getting a lobby room up for the SVN version as soon as the pathing code is checked in. I haven't played much and I suck, but all the more reason to play some games and get some experience with the game. How were the multi-player play events setup? Did you have a tournament? Do we have a TeamSpeak server? It would be great to have separate team interaction during the matches and then at the end of the game we could all get together and discuss how things went and what issues people saw. This would also be great for in depth design discussions. Thanks for all the great feedback. Cheers!
  7. Chakakhan

    A call to QA

    I am excited about the type and quantity ot the development changes occurring in this next cycle for release in A19. These change will require extensive QA and we really need people to help make the release as stable as possible. So I am calling for all people interested in testing to contact me and I will be glad to help get you started and help keep the team focused. I know this is a daunting task and I want to help facilitate getting tasks assigned and collecting data that is relevant and will help give the developers the focused feedback that is needed to solve problems as efficiently as possible I will be happy to help with task organization and tracking as needed. If you are interested at forming a real QA team that will make significant impact please sign up here. QA is paramount to having a successful alpha 19. Cheers, Chakakhan
  8. Chakakhan

    Should Women be convertable ?

    I remember the Saracen Monk rush, very fun strategy.
  9. Ah, so the state is not in the C++ code it is in JS. I need to look at the code to see how the API is implemented. We were talking about putting a lot of the objects back in the C++ side and providing interfaces to JS several years back because of the overhead caused by the AI. I will review the code and read forums to see what came of all of that. Cheers!
  10. It seems to me that game save/load needs to be abstracted from the AI code. It should happen automagically.
  11. Chakakhan

    General gameplay discussion

    I have been away from the game for some time and coming back, I think you were spot on with your evaluation and your recommendations were appropriate as well. Thanks for taking the time to detail them out so completely! The balancing will come, and comments like yours help to put a fine point on what needs to be balanced first. Cheers!
  12. Chakakhan

    Alpha 8 not launching in Mac OS Lion

    How many of you guys can be on IRC during our regularly scheduled meeting this Saturday (1/31) at 16:30 GMT? That would be a good time for all of us to get together and discuss the best packaging solution for Mac.
  13. Chakakhan

    Alpha 8 not launching in Mac OS Lion

    Cool, hopefully you can help us figure out the best way to implement this. Cheers
  14. Sebastian, that is awesome! I love it! I have been looking at doing this for years, but never had quite enough cash to invest in a proper kit. Which kit did you use (if you don't mind saying)? It sounds amazing and the tuning is spot on. Does it hold it's tuning well? Is that your real hair? If so, that is awesome as well! Merry Christmas to you as well! Cheers
  15. Chakakhan

    Alpha 8 not launching in Mac OS Lion

    Yes, that patch works. The fix isn't in an official release, so it is problematic for our OS/X users. Ben - as you, Phillip and I discussed, the best solution is to include all the 3rd party libs in an app bundle so that OS/X users could just download and run the game without worrying about supporting libraries. I think we should try to do this for Alpha 9. It would really make help us in supporting Mac versions going forward and also allow less technical Mac users to play the game. Cheers Yes, the Cocoa calls to set the video mode changed and this caused some issues. The full solution is to add code to detect the desktop resolution and to include the proper patched version of SDL in our release somehow. This will solve the full screen / windowed mode problems. Cheers