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  1. It sounds very good. Without the exception, a formation can't be organized well if soldiers are very tired, and it is more like real battles. In the game, will the status of low stamina weaken fighting ability?
  2. 0 A.D. shows a vivid world to players, and it is developed with strict research about ancient civilizations. It can be regarded as a simulation game of ancient warfare. The game may implement some good ideas of management simulation games.
  3. I had never played American Conquest. About food supplies, Caesar III may be a good sample. A granary has a limited capacity, and the action of destorying a granary is only destory the food in this granary. Of course, we can have a better idea: the food in a granary can be seized, and destorying is not the only way. Romance of the Three Kingdoms has the concept of food supply. If an army consumes all food, its will lose soldiers and morale, and finally the army disappears if they can't seize food from the enemy. If people can't get food from granaries, they have to eat animals and wild fruits. Additionally, water supply can be implemented, too. They can get water from rivers, wells or springs. In Sudden Strike, an army needs the supply of ammunition. If the army has no ammunition, weapons are useless. As real life, people have different consumption of physical strength when they have different actions. There can be several options: "slow walk", "fast walk", "slow run", "fast run".
  4. 0 A.D. is a very beautiful game. In this game, we can see great beautiful scenery of plains, mountains and deserts. There are various animals. Some animals are not finished yet, and their walk is only simple moving of a static image. Perhaps the game can add more animals, such as monkeys, baboons, apes and various kinds of birds. Through watching disturbed birds or other animals, it will be helpful to find the actions of enemy. The physical strength of people are changeable. Their move can be set as "walk" and "run". If they run, it may take less time to arrive at the destination, but their physical strength will be drained very much. They have to have a rest. If they fight hastily, they will be at a serious disadvantage. People need food supplies. They farm, and food is stored in granaries. They regularly get food from granaries, and the stored food is accordingly decreased. If granaries are burnt, they will be in hunger. Hunger will seriously reduce people's physical strength, and they will die if they are in hunger for a long time. An army also need food supplies. If an army's food supplies are cut off or all food are burnt, armymen are not able to fight for a long time. Hunger will defeat and destroy the army. Citizens and armymen can surrender to the enemy. They have to follow and assist the enemy. But they also can rebel and attack the enemy. A surrendered faction may make a comeback. The above contents are just ideas. What do you think about these ideas?
  5. When we want to install Wine from source code, we can download the source code and execute the three steps: ./configure, make, make install. After the command "make install", Wine will be installed to the system and the shortcuts of Wine will appear in the menu of the system. Afterwards, we can conveniently run different components of Wine via the menu. As for 0 A.D., after comiling it to binaries via "make", there is not a command to automatically install it to the system and create necessary shortcuts to the menu. Is it possible to provide a installing way like "make install" in the future?
  6. Ake

    0 A.D. Rise of the East Mod

    Good work! I wish that someday the mod will be integrated into the official version of 0 A.D. About the names of units, you don't need to use Chinese pronunciations. It's well to use English terms, because it is easy for other countries' players to understand. "刀斧手" is not a formal term, and this name only appears in some folk novels. In ancient Chinese language, "执" means holding, and "步卒" means infantryman. Therefore, infantry swordsman can be called "执剑步卒", and infantry spearman can be called "执矛步卒", and an infantryman who holds a halberd can be called "执戟步卒". In the Han Dynasty, a cavalryman was called "骑士", and an infantry archer was called "射士". "弩" means a crossbow, and "弩手" means an infantry archer who holds a crossbow. In the Han Dynasty, the color of roof tiles was gray, because the tiles were made with gray pottery.
  7. OK, I see. It's a good developing way for saving much effort and time.
  8. Thank you for your help! Yes, the game is placed in a folder with a Chinese name. The problem is solved with the latest source code. Test is passed, and the game runs well. According to build instructions, the latest source code is gotten via the command "svn co http://svn.wildfireg...ublic/ps/trunk/ 0ad". However, it will download both of source code for Linux and Windows and the downloads are too large. How to only download the latest source code for Linux?
  9. I have compiled Alpha 9 and the latest source code (May 9) according to build instructions, but the game encounters the same error and can't run. When I run "./test" via command line, there is an error related to os_path.h(48). The following contents are the details of the error. Running 275 tests...........................................................................os_path.h(48): Assertion failed: "(unsigned)wstring[i] <= (unsigned)UCHAR_MAX" os_path.h(48): Assertion failed: "(unsigned)wstring[i] <= (unsigned)UCHAR_MAX" Assertion failed: "(unsigned)wstring[i] <= (unsigned)UCHAR_MAX" Location: os_path.h:48 (OsString) Call stack: (0x8ff23a) ./test() [0x8ff23a] (0x89b801) ./test() [0x89b801] (0x89c4de) ./test() [0x89c4de] (0x89c7b3) ./test() [0x89c7b3] (0x900500) ./test() [0x900500] (0x89c154) ./test() [0x89c154] (0x89c4e9) ./test() [0x89c4e9] (0x89c7b3) ./test() [0x89c7b3] (0x9021f8) ./test() [0x9021f8] (0x8b1a6c) ./test() [0x8b1a6c] (0x8bbb0d) ./test() [0x8bbb0d] (0x46d006) ./test() [0x46d006] (0x428aa3) ./test() [0x428aa3] (0x432283) ./test() [0x432283] (0x413ab5) ./test() [0x413ab5] (0x7fc9b5bcb32d) /lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xed) [0x7fc9b5bcb32d] errno = 0 (No error reported here) OS error = ? (C)ontinue, (S)uppress, (B)reak, Launch (D)ebugger, or (E)xit? The system of my computer: Mageia 2 (Cauldron) x86_64 Libraries for compiling 0 A.D.: x86_64 The version of gcc: 4.6.3
  10. It's also good to add the Yamato Japan. More civilizations are added to a game, and the game will be more wonderful. Of course, the early Yamato Japan was not powerful enough. The country became strong since the times of Shotoku Taishi. In A.D. 663 there was the first navy battle between China and Japan in the Korea Peninsula. Don't forget Koguryo. It was a strong country which once existed in the Northeast Asia. Japan suffered much from the country, and once wrote to the emperor of China for fighting against Koguryo.
  11. It's a very good idea. 0 A.D. is a high-quality game. I hope that the Han Empire will appear in the game, because I am from China and I am very interested in the Han's history. I imagine how the Han's army will be shown in a Western game. Of course, her main enemy and the enemy of both of the Orient and the Occident, the Huns, should appear, too.
  12. Ake

    China MOD

    In the Mageia distro (a fork of Mandriva Linux), the location of 0 A.D.'s mods is "/usr/share/0ad/mods". You can execute "0ad -mod=china" by terminal to enable the mod in the game, if the mod's name is "china".
  13. Ake

    0 A.D. Rise of the East Mod

    Thanks for your project! 0 A.D. is a great game, and I think it is a very good idea to add the Han Dynasty of China into this game. The figures of infantrymen are close to the Han style. Have you seen the pottery figurines of the Han Dynasty? It will be better that many details of figures in the game can be improved. Buildings and other facilities need improvement, too. I am very interested in the culture of the Han Empire and the things related to the Han army. Perhaps I can give some suggestions.