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  1. Maybe the specularity is missing or maybe it is missing the wear leather like that should have on the edges ?
  2. I thought those kind of castles (motte and bailey were more 8th century castles) ?
  3. So many things I should do. Might as well do nothing
  4. You see but you don't read. What happens with wonders is one of the possible cases. The "add" one. There is also the multiply case which happens in this case.
  5. @LordGood Could your upload you new buildings here https://github.com/0ADMods/pyrogenesis-1861 ? (Maybe find a better name ?)
  6. Well I'm not sure one would be able to tell from afar but one might not need to
  7. Depending on your OS you need to look for a user.cfg file that contains your password hash
  8. Well mate, if you don't trust the actual developers of the game I'm afraid there isn't much we can do.
  9. I feel bad taking all the commits I haven't done anything in two months :/ Maybe @LordGood or @Enrique can do it ?
  10. @s0600204 gave you a correct answer and he is a dev as you can see by the little badge. Nescio's answer is also correct. So I don't know what answer you expect but I don't think we can do much better than that unfortunately.
  11. Well I guess people forgot about it and it was never created as ticket...
  12. I wonder if we could the camouflage thing from #3177 by using @Mate-86's status effects on the visibility component.
  13. As long as you are not trolling, and being somewhat constructive it's all good
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