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  1. Given the error message in the pm he sent me he should disable tls in the game's option lobby tab.
  2. Yeah I believe shadows are really important for the depth effect. The modders at Taleworlds and at Total War made really awesome textures even though the engine wasn't that good, and I always found it awesome how they could take every little detail out. I mean look at this, it is ridiculous: (Taken from the Uniform spoiler here)
  3. Sweet ! The details, though if you want to do more armors, why not For some reason they look better than yours (no offense, also not all of them) but I can't pinpoint why they look better, maybe it's because they have a normal map, which you can by the way enable on animated meshes by setting gpuskinning = "true" in your game options, or maybe it's because they have more details, or different shadows. Maybe @wowgetoffyourcellphone or @LordGood could give you a better insight.
  4. @wackyserious Some ideas for you https://www.artstation.com/artwork/94ZkR https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=72668.0 http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?633346-Lines-of-Battle-New-textures-unit-Previews/page2&styleid=41 Can you try to add more details like this ? (From the 3rd link) EDIT: I believe we have no special texture for Ptolemy IV, a very brief description can be found here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Civ%3A_Ptolemies
  5. Oh okay. Isn't cheating though to know everybody's scores ?
  6. Oh I thought it was a complete screen. I guess it's pretty easy to add. But you can already access that information I think in the menus.
  7. The word you are looking for is polycount (though triscount would be more accurate) You can find some guidelines here https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtPolyCountGuidelines
  8. @Crynux There is no real justification for the number itself. The only part where it may be important is to know there has been a battle. To see potentially which of your enemies is the weakest. One of the reason of the lag might be the blood decals which alpha transparency which will have a performance hit. To test that theory just download the no blood mod.
  9. Also apparently a lot of players are playing with GLSL off to improve stability and FPS. But yeah some work could be done as @(-_-) says to just tweak values on maps. I don't if we can do in RMG. I guess there is no reason one wouldn't be able to.
  10. I haven't played AoE 2 that much so maybe a screenshot would help. However my answer is probably not gonna change. There is currently no mod that changes the interface to be that of AoE 2 but I'm sure someone with a little patience could do it.
  11. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1332 Probably won't get committed though because the performance is too poor. Requires #2577 and #252
  12. Well we could use Godot Make the game a gdnative plugin and rewrite things as we go. Yeah might very likely be. I'm using what I can gather from the wiki and a few recent threads Thanks for clarifying things. a bit.
  13. I think we use the SDL to render the 2D UI, but I might be wrong. If we start to use cairo, we could use it to render fonts atlas depending on resolution as well see: https://github.com/StanleySweet/sdl2-text-renderer
  14. Not sure you can choose the building animation for a specific building. The voice for building is the same than for repairing cause it's the same code.
  15. Yes there is progress being made. Well not really this is mostly C++ changes which can't be bundled in a mod. Depending on your computer specs though, the new art might slow the game for you.
  16. I never had to bake before, though I didn't use any complex drivers either. I'm currently extracting tools from buildings so they can be used as props later on.
  17. Should save you about 10 hours Would be nice to have a plugin to export every anim It shouldn't even be hard to write On a side note, I wanted a plugin to do the converse, to import a given actor XML file in Blender, so that we could test how it looks in Godot for Instance, since there is a direct export plugin now I started writing the script, but I don't think I'll finish it any time soon.
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