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  1. stanislas69

    Add Money resources and related component issue

    Either here for simplicity or on mod.io or on moddb GitHub would be nice in any case to browse the source.
  2. stanislas69

    Help to play with LATAM Friend

    Does he has the latest update ?
  3. stanislas69

    Help to play with LATAM Friend

    If you use the lobby you should be able to.
  4. stanislas69

    Egyptian Re-Skin Mod

    Ptolemies are not supposed to be black tho.
  5. stanislas69

    A23 - Audio issue

    @Servo has the same bug I think I tracked it to a bad initialization in modio but I'm not sure how to fix it. Maybe @Imarok's fix when Disabling audio would improve things.
  6. stanislas69

    Add Money resources and related component issue

    For the sharing part either make a mod or create a diff file with the main game.
  7. stanislas69

    Adieu to lobby!

    This is indeed something that should not be taken lightly.. Unfortunately though when you join an online lobby your IP becomes public. The geographical location of it is a more tedious matter. I understand you were disappointed by this, but I'm sure elexis didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable.
  8. stanislas69

    The latest version SVN22054 error!

    Delete the vs2015 and vs2013 folders then try again.
  9. stanislas69

    ===[TASK]=== Phrygian Helmet

    Looks good to go. I find the laurel unnatural the leaves are too close to each other I believe, but it looks nice still. Would be nice if you could fix the metal texture of Seleucus' helmet.
  10. stanislas69

    ===[TASK]=== Removing all carpets from the game

    Reducing 0 A.D. to it's rugs would be a bit unfair don't you think. Removing carpets is easy replacing them will be more tricky.
  11. stanislas69

    Transliteration of Ancient Greek into English

    If you can edit HTML you can edit XML. Same thing
  12. stanislas69

    ===[TASK]=== Removing all carpets from the game

    Can we keep it civil please ? The aim of this game is also to share knowledge. Also we don't know how long everyone will be there so having books to rely on when asked in the future is nice.
  13. stanislas69

    The latest version SVN22054 error!

    Did you clean and update workspaces again ? It wouldn't build for me otherwise.
  14. stanislas69

    Anyone know where to find the classic 0ad soundtrack

    The full Lossless music can be found here → https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/audio
  15. stanislas69

    0 A.D. on Librebox?

    Hey @odalman You should be fine playing 0 A.D. on this box, though don't expect huge performance (It will be quite decent though). With graphics at a reasonable amount, and not too many units you should be fine (We are waiting for a patch to thread the pathfinder which will hopefully improve performance) If you go for it, let us know ! EDIT: @feneur, might need to unlock his account.