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  1. Sounds like the issue reported on trac recently. Would need Itms's fix for the CPu detection
  2. I remember @Nescio unifying somrthing related to it.
  3. Hey @Iakobos I don't have time to answer right now but I'll contact you in a few days to discuss possible contributions
  4. Well it doesn't seem to work given that comment XD Isn't it weird for villager to jog ?
  5. Does it switch depending on map ? Thanks !
  6. Ah different armature right ?
  7. Also you can ask any questions you have on the forums and you can also try to get in touch with us on IRC depending on your timezone
  8. @Freagarach worked on automatic scooting. Maybe it could be used by the AI at some point.
  9. I wasn't sure it was possible but I think that's nice.
  10. For the record, that's also related to: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/1437
  11. Can you try with the bundled version instead of the system's ?
  12. Why did you delete the animation instead of reexporting it ?:/ That was the only death anim that was different...
  13. Run svn update -r21945 and try to compile again from source.
  14. I'd look at your civ_center template in simulation/templatez
  15. They look a bit wide compared to the reference but great work !
  16. Could work as an example in a sub wiki page
  17. Stan`

    0abc mod

    That's interesting. I wish we had a UX expert around
  18. Ideally we'd have the wiki page with a training scenario tutorial like the economic one... Maybe @nani and @borg- could fusion and do that if they are up to it. Call it "The newb crusher"
  19. So you guys opted for slate rooves instead of thatch ? Any reason ?
  20. Or rather let's create a wiki page out of it so that every one can edit it
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