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  1. Hey Would you mind giving us the errors. They should be in a file in your appdata folder called interestinglog.html if you are on windows.
  2. What would be actually nice is to merge back Atlas with the game. I believe that to do so, we only need two more features in the GUI, scrollbars, and colorpickers. We discussed it with @bb_ and @Imarok at FOSDEM.
  3. Yeah currently pyromods are associated with the game on mac. One think you might try though is to drag and drop it on the game's icons. That being said maybe convincing freagarach to upload it on modio is easier
  4. One thing you can try is replace zip by .pyromod. if file associations are correct you should be able to double click to install
  5. @Nescio What's wrong with ptol CC?
  6. I will try to see if I can package it, and try to put it on mod.io
  7. When we will have actual props for the scythians, sure. scyth_spb_03.blend scyth_fortress.dae
  8. Hey, That's sad to hear, but nice to know you haven't given up yet. Stay safe too!
  9. Here you go for the fortress. It uses the Seleucid struct. scyth_fortress.dae scyth_spb_02.blend
  10. My dear friend, it is very nice of you to make such an offer. However, I can't fix this "problem" alone.
  11. I guess there is something else at play here, I must admit that I do not know what though...
  12. Not yet @gameboy-san, it is still waiting for review.
  13. First step is to create a mod. This can be done by adding a folder in your documents/My Games/0ad/mods folder and adding a little file called mod.json such as this one. { "name": "koronauts", "version": "1.0.0", "label": "Koronauts", "url": "https://wildfiregames.com/", "description": "Like Argonauts, but not quite.", "dependencies": ["0ad=0.0.24"] } Then you can start adding new files, or modifying existing ones by copying them over to you mod, at the same relative location.
  14. Yes you need to install VS2015 alongside. You can use V2019, but you need the V2015 Toolset to compile the game. SInce you are on windows, update-workspaces.sh isn't for you (It's only for Mac and Linux) You can download visual studio 2015 here https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/older-downloads/
  15. Thanks for the hard work @ffffffff Do you have a github?
  16. Hey @Coronaut I will try to answer some of your questions let me know if you need a more in depth response for one of them. As @Loki1950 said currently none of us developpers get paid for working on the game. We do that on our free time and for free. Currently the only difference between the two is the ability to change the SVN repository directly. An external contributor can only suggest changes and give his opinion on patches. The final decision on whether the change or the feature needs to be included is in the official teams hand. That being said being a modder gives you a lot of freedom as there are already a lot of things you can do by yourself. You need to know how to edit text files mostly. Programming experience is a plus. 3D modelling animation rigging and texturing can also be a plus. Else you'll be "limited" to what the engine can do. Three. SVN, github, gitlab. That's detailed in the wiki. You need visual studio if you want to make C++ changes as you need to recompile the game. Eclipse will only allow you to have suggestions during the c++ edition but you'll need to tell it to use the msvc compiler. Technically unless you want a really specifc feature you needn't compile. It's for developpers or modders that wishes to use the last version of the game. You should basically update it every day to make sure you have the latest changes. You can also decide you'd rather mod the last release. You mean change it's size ? Then you need to modify the 3D model. The game has no scaling capatibility. Not sure what you want to do. Did you add code ? You should use the generated pyrogenesis.sln. by runninfg update.workspaces.bat in build/workspaces.
  17. The yamato are actually after 250 - 710 AD This is the yayoi. Still waiting for @LordGood to send me the files
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