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  1. Have you considered writing some of the AI modules in C++ and translating them in asm.js using emscripten? This should give you a good speedup without creating another API.
  2. The new Mozilla's JS engine, IonMonkey, brought a lot of performance improvements, and it only landed in Firefox 18. So most probably v22 would be a lot faster than v17. But, if you could use v24 it would be even better, as the performance is improving from release to release, and v24 contains also OdinMonkey (asm.js) that you could use in some cases (for example for the AI, instead of moving code to C++, you could use asm.js so that the code would be a lot faster and there wouldn't be any performance penalty caused by JS-C++ calls).
  3. It should be pretty light. Firefox has made huge progresses in memory footprint lately.
  4. XULRunner can render also HTML/CSS, somewhere in one of the Mozilla pages there's an example of a small browser written using XULRunner.
  5. I think XULRunner would be a good solution, it's certainly simple to use SpiderMonkey with it.
  6. There's also XULRunner (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/XULRunner) that could be used.
  7. abral

    0ad app

    With Emscripten it's possible to port the entire game to HTML5. For example, look at https://github.com/kripken/BananaBread/
  8. The work to do the Android port could be also useful to port the game to JavaScript. Emscripten (https://github.com/kripken/emscripten) can translate C++ code to JavaScript using the LLVM compiler, and it can translate OpenGL ES (at least a subset) to WebGL. For example, there's a project about porting Sauerbraten (http://sauerbraten.org/): https://github.com/kripken/BananaBread/
  9. Ilia, also known as Rea Silvia, the mother of Romolo and Remo, the founders of Rome. The story of Ilia is in "Ab Urbe Condita libri CXLII" written by Titus Livius, really important for our knowledge of the Roman history and for the Italian culture in general.
  10. abral

    Building placing

    Thanks for the reply, this'll help also me! However I've seen also another way to solve this (i think i saw it in Warcraft III): where there is the height variation, they show under the building a sort of pedestal.
  11. I was thinking about how to place correctly a building over a terrain with different heights (I'm starting to code my own rts), so I tried to see how 0A.D. did with this problem. But this is the result:
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