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  1. It seems common practice for boost on os x bundles I could find that use boost. Also when we dont use much functionality of a library and only one executable is going to use it anyway we might as well link it static to get a smaller total size faster load time etc. For getting together a set of well build libraries to populate the libraries directory to build agains. I used some extra flags to make nvtt not build support for cude/cg/jpeg/png/openexr for example. Its not like the game uses much more from there then the texture encoding things. It would be nice to hash out and share the libraries we build. Also due to the api changes between 10.6 and 10.7 we need to check that the SDL patches or snapshot we end up using does indeed work nicely on both platforms. I think the lion api it uses also works on snow but not sure, the comment in the code states the it uses the newer functionality, but it uses the old one for 10.6 even though the new way is available. Its the little things that make the resulting binary work well for a lot of people. Also I would like confirmation if openal-soft works as well for other people as it does for me. I dont have access to snow leopard at the moment but would love the feedback. One of the reasons I am trying to make cmake work is that I dont like premake or know much about it. However for building gnu makefiles it seems very well suited. But then we need a script to add some OS X fancy things to the bundle it produces. Or am I wrong. For that we need an icon, a plist a direcotry to store libraries / frameworks. (Do we store dylib's in libraries and frameworks in frameworks ? ).
  2. I would also like to contribute some libraries or look at the build script for them. Maybe we can collaborate on github or gitorious or something as a sort of staging area before it goes into the main tree. For the short time we could make a script that just does a fix-up on the resulting binary by moving files into it and calling install_name_tool. I think we should focus on making one bundle that works on snow leopard and lion i386 and x86_64. We should links some things static ( thinking about boost specifically ). But most of all we should work to get it working really well soon then use that experience to fix the building process properly.
  3. My bad, mac ports boost is in /opt/local/include/boost/ then if you have not changed the path. Ill try to help you this evening on IRC. Im in the western europe timezone. Not sure if that suits you ? I talked some with OS X maintainers from other projects and they seem to prefer static linking for release executables. I am trying to build a set of minimally configured ( as small as possible) static libs and the corresponding headers and modify the build to use those instead. My goal is to provide a package that allows the user to do a "just works" compile without having to install macports and a lot of libs.
  4. Hi I to have been compiling it on lion. I have sound working with OpenAL-soft. Also I think to make a good useable binar one would need to compile nvtt without cuda support. Maybe we should even make a subversion repo with binary libs + headers instead of compiling agains a bunch of mac ports libraries that also depend on each-other. I know that Vdrift, Luxrender and Blender use this approach. Also for SDL 1.2 there is a patch that fixes the Lion fullscreen GL issue: http://lists.libsdl.org/pipermail/commits-libsdl.org/2011-September/004560.html But this does NOT apply cleanly on libSDL 1.2.14. As far as an OS X bundle is concerned I think the assets should also go inside the bundle. I would love to talk on IRC about improving the mac packaging situation
  5. I did know. And yes there all kinds of plans to make things better. I am trying to focus my attention on the importer as far as refactoring goes. But due to exams i am time constrained and the Collada standard is huge and so are the implementation differences of everything out there that implements parts of it as far as I have seen. But till we nail the perfect implementation any concrete scenario that does not work will help us to make things better. So please do submit bugs and or contact me and I will try to help.
  6. Pureon. Have you got a sample for me where the export fails with regards to armatures/animations? I will see if I can make a patch to make Blender work for those cases.
  7. Not making much progress at the moment due to exams. But i should do more covert forum lerking it seems
  8. The blender collada import/export is not really good enough for the models. I am working on the collada support in Blender for some weeks now and some new guys have come in recently to work on it. I guess it will be much better soon but till then you could try to use Blender 2.49b with the plugin for reading and writing collada. I have added the models from 0AD svn to my queue of models where the importing fails and I will be working on improving the situation
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