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    It's cool, thanks for letting me know to offer my services to people who actually have money to spend. And from my experience, it's always ended like this when someone started by saying that money was no problem. There wasn't any problem because you never hear from such people after making an offer. Regarding your other thoughts, I imagine you getting caught in a stolen car and then be all surprised what the problem was, like "I thought it was only forbidden to steal the car, not drive it". You voluntarily enter the gray zone again every time you get a chance. I'd ask why the admins should even spend more of their time on you? You are a candidate for a permanent ban.
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    maybe a front perspective of the crest in SVG could make it easier to apply boolean (engravement on mesh) and make the crest.
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    https://amp.theguardian.com/film/2014/jan/07/spielberg-dalton-trumbo-montezuma-javier-bardem?__twitter_impression=true Al parecer van a hacer una serie de Moctecozuma y Cortés Siendo que los productores y el escritor del guión son estadounidenses me hace tener una espectativa muy baja de la serie.
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    If you know someone to have multiple accounts, report him. Rule is clear and applies to everyone: Only create one account per person on the service unless authorized by Wildfire Games From searching history on forum, unauthorized accounts have been deleted and users were asked to use their first account after ban expired. One is not allowed to create new account just because the current one is banned. If it was allowed ban is useless. I do not think, that given ban is permanent, but every break of rules prolongs current ban. Keep in mind there exists bot that will ban anyone using bad language in chat.
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    Boudica: is there really anyone with permaban and it is the only way to go?... hate makes more hate.. get personal level out of scope.. give him opportunity and will see if he deserve perma ban ever.. the fact is he already been denied quite long.. So all this is just personal fight more or less... be more human.. all of you
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    it began coz i asked to be banned for some time so i could study and make my own game. Also, i was tired to beat Stockfish all the time, so i though that leaving him some time to train would be good... but he's getting older and close to retirement. So what, i wouldn't be able to play with stickfish anymore ??? And what about wendy ? I was close to convert her to Catholicism but i've heard she's on her way back to Talmudic school. Then user1 starts to extend the limits :( just because i make new accounts to test my new hardware. The i learnt that people cannot create accounts for me . I though that creating accounts was forbidden, NOT playing on fake accounts . Is this schizophrenia or just a twist in the terms of use of wildfiregames ?
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    Hi, Sadly this is long known problem. As result of discussion I had yesterday, change to these files should not cause oos as they are not part of simulation state. Match network comunication has star type, that means everything goes through the host. There are several solutions proposed. One is to rewrite network comunication to use p2p. Second is to patch host to not send chat messages to everyone. Encrypt comunication. (they can be used all, but one needs to implement them) There are tickets around about the issue https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5467 (if you want to know more details) Regards Angen
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    Thanks for testing CAS (contrast adaptiv sharpening) isn't against aliasing, it's an sharpening pass. By using FXAA the game gets much more blurry. CAS could reduce/avoid this blurryness. So I would recommend to use this both options together. FXAA isn't perfect. But as the algorithem of FXAA and CAS are realy cheap in performance usage, thats a realy good quality/performance compromise. Especially for older computers. If vladislav or someone else will has the time, he/she will implement another better algorithem. But I would guess that's currently less priority.
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    She represents a mayan courtesan/noblewoman (the nature of the distinction is discussed by Houston here: https://mayadecipherment.com/2014/06/08/courtesans-and-carnal-commerce/) of the classical and late classical period, so roughly coinciding with the time period of the original game. You con spot the cranial elongation and nasal extension, while most of the other decoration is composite (which is to say different parts are taken from different sources), mainly from ceramic pieces from Tikal and Ik (the latter a minor client kingdom of the former). Typically, elite women seemed to have shown themselves in their natural skin color or painted themselves in red, white or a combination of either. There is a vast catalogue of hairstyles and decorations. This has little to do with the Aztecs in any of the way you wish to understand them (Late nahua who arrived from Aztlan, Nahua of the Triple Alliance or the Mexica specifically).
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    I know spanish incase anyone prefers it. Where would you guys like me to start? I'm fairly familiar with the visuals of the post classic and can be help where ever you need me atm: Urbanization? Military? Civilian life? Let me know.
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