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    Kind of an emergency question, but does "modifications": [{"value": "Promotion/RequiredXp", "replace": 0}], only work with techs and not auras? My entire Season changing system for the next faction depends on this but it doesn't seem to set the required XP to zero as an aura like technologies do. EDIT: It seems like it works with any value other than 0, for some reason Technologies seem to be able to replace the value with zero no problem but not Auras. Crap my Fairies are ruined at this rate EDIT EDIT: A negative number seems to work though! Still, I recommend enabling setting the value to zero for auras just to keep things cleaner.
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    Thanks for the report! A fix has been proposed: D2647.
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    Create more cliffs of the @LordGood type.
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    As in Homeric warfare. Having visible slots on units would be a great feature to have, also for war elephants. I believe some work was started on it, but no patches have been committed yet. Yes, you're right, and this applies to the other civilizations as well. Horses need a lot of food and space and are only useful for travelling and warfare; only the richest people (e.g. equites in Rome, hippeis in Sparta) could afford them. In Ptolemaic Egypt, “Macedonian” phalangites held 30 or 25 arourai of land, horsemen 80 or 100. In 0 A.D. “elite” means simply a promoted “basic” soldier, whereas “champions” are the real elite. Again true for other civilizations as well: cavalry typically had javelins, spears, and swords; the same is true for most infantry. Differentiating units by weapon types is not really realistic, but certainly makes sense for 0 A.D. and similar games.
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    New map Balanced Hyrcanian Shores
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    @LordGoodLabrynna overview
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    I'm sorry Labrynna is taking a long time to finish:
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    First campaign mission of Fallen Sage Arch
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    Progress on the mission is going well, this is just a snippet of one of the new triggers in the upcoming mission.
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    The Deku Scrub roster is done, here's all the unit details and whatnot
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    When you lose the mission, the entire Gohma army retreats into the forest
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    Mido is unhappy with the recent events.
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    First attempt at a cutscene
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    First mission progress
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    Alrighty the entire city is done. Here's Iron Wolf's Tier list, although he's not been around much lately so it's probably outdated: Tier S - Gorons, Gohma (Gohma can exploit population limit at the moment with eggs since buildings dont count towards the total) Tier A - Zora Tier B - Hylians, Gerudo, Kokiri, Ordona, Lanayru, Darknuts Tier C - Moblins (A few broken features, missing Weapon Scavenging, Invincible bug for Bokoblins, lots of micro management with Mobile Bases makes them a bit hard to play) Also keep in mind there's still a lot of gameplay elements not implemented yet like Stealth, which will be an important mechanic for the Kokiri.
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    It's a remake of a mission from the Medieval 2 version.
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    Well exo convinced me to work on a campaign mission.
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