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    @LordGoodLabrynna overview
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    In case you find someone, there is now a patch available for it: D2622
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    I never said that and I don't have two accounts. My only account is thenewsound.
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    Templates should always be correct, regardless whether they're used or not. I can correct the template, but to do so I need a proper specific name (i.e. native language), which is why I listed the names of the other Kushite heroes earlier. Consistency matters, so one hero using a Horus name and another a Golden Horus name won't fly. Ultimately you need to convince a team member to commit something. Because there are no dedicated people for gameplay, anything that reeks of a potential balance change is extremely hard to get reviewed, even if it's as trivial as adjusting footprints. That said, I have no objections to making the chariot version the default.
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    I was a kid when Mount and Blade, 0 AD, and Roma Victor were in development. I don't even know how in 2008 (was it 2008?) I heard about this game at the time. I think it was from mount and blade, someone in the forums shared it. It is nice to come back some 12 years later (i'm 30 now) to see it's still in development.
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    It will only matter if someone makes a custom map using it in the scenario editor @ValihrAnt @borg- maybe @Nescio
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    Yes indeed, I used something really similar for my Mage magic effects over the last few years.
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    A cinematic view (a la Star Wars; Empire at war) would be an AWESOME addition.
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    @Sundiata For those who did not registered it yet it was committed sometime back https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/23459
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    New Hero Portrait: King Nastasen By Sundiata (Malcolm Quartey) King Nastasen, a late Napatan Period ruler of the Kingdom of Kush, Sudan (4th Century B.C.). King Nastasen Ankhkhare was a Napatan Period ruler of the Kingdom of Kush (Sudan), ruled c. 335 B.C. - 315/310 B.C. His mother was Queen Pelkha and his father may have been King Harsiotef. Married to Queen Sekhmakh, and succeeded by King Aryamani. Nastasen is noted for defeating an Upper Egyptian invasion of Kush by Khabbash "taking many fine boats" and putting down many rebellions, thereby consolidating Harsiotef's earlier conquests. Most of what we know about Nastasen comes from the rather lengthy, and well preserved Stela of Nastasen. The submerged tomb underneath his pyramid at Nuri (Nuri 15) is currently under excavation by the Nuri Archaeological Expedition. Early results (remnants of gold) are indicating the real possibility that his tomb has not been looted, and his sarcophagus may still be intact! Because of high water levels the tomb is currently under water and archaeologists have to resort to underwater excavations with scuba gear, a first in Sudan. @OptimusShepard, I started this portrait exactly one day before you shared that documentary in the above post, half of which is about those very excavations! So that was really an incredible coincidence! Watching that docu was a bit surreal for me. And also a great source of inspiration! Nastasen's Pyramid Nuri 15 The Nastasen Stela: Some translated excerpts from the Nastasen Stela: Clearly, humility was not a thing Kushite kings were concerned with... Funnily, Nastasen is mounted on a horse in-game. From the stela we actually find this excerpt: "I went off on a great horse and I reached the Great House. They made obeisance' to me, all the notables and priests of Amun". Got to love 0 A.D.... The rest of the Stela is about Nastasen slaughtering rebels, taking loot, defeating an invasion from Egypt, bigging up his mom, listing his donations to the temples etc, etc... @Stan`, here is a perfectly square PNG version for you: Also, I just registered a personal ArtStation account. Please feel free to head on over there to check out some of my other art and give me some views https://www.artstation.com/malcolmquartey
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    Lorenzo13 quite a game. commands.txt
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