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    Batalion Test Update soldiers are trained in battalions of size 15 (infantry) + banner carrier cannot build cannot be disbanded cannot be merged hero deploys with his specific battalion to use ram or siege tower you has to "garrison" battalion into it, but units stays visible and can be attacked garrisoning into buildings is possible and in garrison panel all units from battalion are grouped under one icon (you can ungarirson only all of them) units can be put into Free formation, in this case they will not keep any of the shape and this is preferred in city spaces ammo refill should be fixed technologies have been removed from structure tree visualisation because of space house has 10 population bonus some buildings have been moved to phases Sentry Tower -> town phase Palisade -> town phase Farmstead -> town phase Barracks, Ranged -> town phase (+ blacksmith) Stables -> town phase (+ corral) Field -> needs farming research (available town phase) Stone Tower -> city phase Stone Wall -> city phase Technology Forging is needed for archery axes swords spears mace City Phase is needed for chain armour Vision range of units is lower ( a lot ). Infantry speed is lower, cavalry speed is a bit higher (percentage wise compared to infantry). Gather rate is drastically lower -> technologies has huge boost for gather rate. Worship of gods You can choose which god your people will worship. You can worship 3 gods from 6 (now). In each phase you can choose one from pair. First two are in CC. 3th is in temple. God of animals (cavalry training boost) God of builders (building boost) God of family (worker training boost) God of farming (farming rate boost) God of blacksmiths (research in blacksmiths boost) God of war (infantry training boost) A bit changed Civilisation selection. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each battalion has its banner carrier, but they do not really fit in as unit type yet. Running or charging might not drain energy for battalions (I am not sure what I messed up) Capturing is kind of not possible using battalions yet ( dont worry, it will be). AI is a bit broken because of number of units in battalions and slowdown (to be fair I broke it) so enjoy smashing AI because it does not train soldiers. Or find someone for MP (better to test it) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for support Please report weird animations (like alive blooded soldier, soldier without helm but rest of his battalion has, not moving capes - this drives me mad, I always find one)
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    Good Morning to All. I am submitting my application to help with documentation and whatever else I can do to help. Thank you for your time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Dok Position: Anything dealing with documentation. Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes Are you sure you are not wanting to work on something programming related? (Then you don't need to send in an application form.) Yes and No (See the “Short Essay” for more information.) Name: Ralph Wildermuth aka. Dok Email: doktorgm@gmail.com Location: Arizona, Southwest USA Availability: 15 to 20 hours a week until no longer needed. Age: 68 Occupation: I am currently employed by a major Defense Contractor as the documentation manager and tech writer on a Department of Defense program for the software development and maintenance of a tactical biometrics system for the Army. Skills and Experience: I spent 20 years in the Army, many of which were spent as a Master Instructor in control of three national strategic level intelligence systems’ courses for the Army. I was responsible for designing, developing, creating course materials, and teaching many individuals from all service branches on how to operate National Strategic Asset equipment. As a contractor, I developed and wrote the course of instruction for combining two Military Occupational Specialties into one new specialty. Currently, and for the last 13 years, I am the documentation lead for all documentation associated with the development and maintenance of the software and hardware integration for the Army’s biometrics collection program. Motivation: I enjoy the work and understand that the lives of many servicemen and women rest on the accuracy of our system and the documentation that supports it. My interest in helping with 0AD is to be able to contribute, in a meaningful way, to the gamers who love the game and want to know more about it. Personality: I thank god every day for the opportunity to contribute what I can to my adopted family, my country, and whoever else needs my help. Short Essay: I have been a fan of RTS games for a few years now. I am currently into Empire Earth, and now more into 0AD. I started with Age of Empires many years ago, moved to the Total War series, with a smattering of time messing with Empire Earth. I recently got re-interested in Empire Earth. I noticed that all of the games have one thing in common; there is a vast knowledge base for each of the games, but the data is so spread out that it is hard to find a good one-source document. I started working on a guide that I call the Empire Earth Bible, so I can keep track of what is what. What caught my eye in 0AD was the graphics and it nudged me to do some more research on the game. My research led me to Wildfire games. The idea of getting involved nearer to the beginning of a project, instead of after it is released, excited me. I am interested in trying a lot of things, such as art generation and programming, but my experience is in documents for now. I use graphics extensively in my day job and when I develop websites. I have experience with several graphics programs. I have personal subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Autodesk, and I also have other programs, such as On1 Photo RAW 2019, and Snagit. I just recently downloaded Blender and GIMP in hopes of pursuing my interest in game graphics; additionally, I am currently learning JavaScript. Interests and Hobbies: I am into RTS gaming, building and repairing my own computers, photography, martial arts, watching and helping my brothers kids grow up. I also develop websites in my spare time among many other interests. Staff: Not to my knowledge Community: TWcenter, EE.heavengames, and now 0AD. Favorite Game: Empire Earth, but 0AD is caching up fast. I also still like playing Total War: Napoleon occasionally. Work Examples: Most of my latest examples, in the documentation line, are controlled by the government and are not available for public review at this time. Here are a few pages from my first draft of the 0AD Bible and EE Bible I am compiling at the moment, mostly for myself. These are both in the early draft stages and much of it is in the original text as I found it. Only the styling has been added at this point.
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    Seems like the freehand formation cancels the formation. If you have a look on your target markers you set, you will see (the five markers in a line) that you have dragged a line
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    They're just tired of your $#!+ because they're soldiers and you make'em dance!
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    Hi, I was in the mood to update my map, so I made some design detail changes and repaired a few mistakes. The file is attatched to the first post. A fence placed in order to make citizen feel more comfy on the cliffs of the persian town. The red sea now has sime underwater structure. And I just realized that the map on the first page is very ountdated ... it did not even contain the Kushite town. Greetings and everyone have a happy new year! mimesot
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    Some people complain that this game favors army compositions featuring a majority of ranged units and minority of melee units. Well guess what? Ranged units are also better for your eco, so all the more reason to spam them nearly nonstop! Is the fact that Skirmishers have a significant eco bonus factored into the balancing of this game? They dash from the CC to the woodline like it's an olympic race! Whether its moving from an exhausted woodline to the next one or returning from a battle to gather resources again, their speed is a significant economic bonus. As they gather they continue to have an advantage economically because they go back and forth to the drop point faster. Slingers are slower than skirmishers, but at least in early P1 it helps that they don't require as much wood. But archers... Archers lose fights 1v1 to every citizen-soldier in the game. An all-archer army loses to all-skirmisher and all-slinger armies. If it's not bad enough that they're the worst ranged unit in combat, they are also worst ranged unit economically. I understand that if they are faster than the other units they could just kite the enemy all day since they also have more range, and that's undesirable. I've thought of some ideas that might help to mitigate this effect Units carrying resources all move at the same speed. Not a complete fix since it only works for half of the journey between the resource and the drop point. Archer combat buffed ((increased damage or accuracy) or skirmishers/slingers nerfed)) so that even if archers are weaker for eco their superior combat ability makes up for it. Increase gather rates or carrying capacity of slower units. Less wood cost for archers (50 Food + 48 wood) and maybe also some other slower units. Maybe not all but some combination of these things could even the playing field for archer civs.
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    Hello Dok, and thank you very much for your application! Welcome to the community We would be very interested in a contributor in the area of documentation. More specifically, we need two kinds of documentation: Documentation for players, just like the Game Bible you are showcasing above. Please keep us updated about this guide! Technical documentation, for contributors, modders, etc. You don't seem to propose your help in this area, but you seem to have the perfect skills for it, and we would really need a hand there. Would you be interested by any chance? For both matters, I think the best place for you to get some work to start contributing would be the IRC channel: #0ad-dev on QuakeNet (use this link if you don't have an IRC client). Most people there, including me, are in European time zones though. The forums here are still a great place to chat with the community, especially if you want to find enthusiasts for your game guide
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    I'd like to tell you, but unfortunately I don't know
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    We wont go on steam or any other platform until we reach beta. If we added the game on steam and for some reason decided to change a feature that everyone loved between two alphas the comment section would absolutely crush the game and that's advertisment we don't need right now. I usually read the comments on a game before buying it if its all red I'm not likely to buy it.
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    Anyone else feels like rams are hard to kill with swordmen unless they stopped? I sent 20 swordmen after a ram and they couldnt kill it because of its speed
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    You also have to take into account that non-formation massed units tend to collide between themselves giving an aprox 20%-50% less "walk speed".
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    A bit disturbing at first but pretty cool and the viewport is nicer. Some stuff is still broken of course but it works fine it doesn't crash so much anymore.
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    I played many games where i did pop records or some other nice actions. Something like 120 pop at 7:30 min. Afterwards I browsed replays folders and edited replays file content, where I would change my in game name (it can be searched in replays menu) to something thats easy to remember and recognize. After saving, after I wrote 'ptolemies', I got my pop records showed using that civ with more info instead of player name. Thats nice workaroundish way to organise replays but its troublesome as you always have to minimize client, find replay file and edit it (thats why I (and not only me I believe) lost many valuable replays, they just sunk in the sea of untitled replays that has no info so theres no way to know which one contains what) Ii think we would all benefit from adding notes (in replay menu) to replays, so they can be easily searched afterwards with search option, as replays are very big deal in this game
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    My dear Stanislas I am not overestimating, you guys try to find volunteers - if you can't, I will take care of that too, in due course. I believe in 0 a.d., problems are here to be solved.
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    1vs1 mainland 80% unbalanced in terms of fast food access (berries, hunt/animals) especially in near territory range of phase 1 for very early boom very important. Sometimes one player has 3 berry places the other only one... same with hunt (animals). And not so problematic but also sometimes totally misplaced additional metal and stone mines (sometimes only placed many on one side of the map). That is a big issue for competitional fights and of course for getting correct player rank. This need a big fix i think in mapgen? i guess unknown maps are same. guess other too i donated yesterday 60$, can that be fixed? ( @elexis, etc ) i think one need a concept how the resources are placed/generated. Thanks!
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    @DarcReaver I agree that the current system is flawed, primarily because "Citizen-soldiers can instantly react to an attack", as Thorfinn and others have pointed out. I personally prefer this system: Farms built on fertile lands. farm income based on amount of assigned workers and fertility of the soil. Mines (stone, iron, gold) built on sockets in in rocky/mountainous areas away from your starting CC. Most of them shouldn't deplete, but provide a set income based on size and amount of assigned worker (slaves or serfs). Workers assigned to a logging camp, with a wood income determined by amount of assigned workers and trees within its radius. Set the logging camp to clear the forrest for a large, quick, unreplenishable income of wood, or set it to sustainable logging, for a slow but permanent wood income (forrest remains intact/regrows). I disagree however with your statement that Citizen Soldiers are unhistorical. That's not true at all... The way they are implemented is the problem (switching between working tools and weapons in a split second). Professional standing armies of paid soldiers was definitely not the norm in Antiquity. The majority of warriors in most civilization had a day job (farming, herding, hunting, day labour, civic jobs, a little bit of this, a little bit of that)... The thing is that they should be called up to fight, run towards an armory (barracks), and be equipped with weapons and arms. This would be different from recruiting a new army, which would take much longer. Calling your already trained citizens to arms wouldn't cost you anything excepts for the time it takes (and the the lost resource income because of fewer workers). This alone would help a lot to level the playing field between attacker and defender. A standing professional army should ideally compliment your citizen soldiers, when and where necessary. But the distinction/nuance between resource gathering citizen soldiers and non-gathering champions is really nice in my opinion. And historically more accurate than scrapping the system entirely. It just needs fine tuning (no immediate switch between tools and weapons), in combination with a revamped economic system (node-based).
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    Will record and lead recordings of Latin and Greek with scholars who can really deliver realistic result. All I need is complete list of the short exclamations/sentences in English, nothing more. Gaul, brit, maur, iberians - reconstructing B.C. pronounciation of these languages, possible only with great efforts to get a realistic result, even expert professors can rarely speak any of them without a fat french/eng/german/etc accent. While Indian oral tradition is useless in exact dating of any text, it is a valuable carrier. A willing expert for sanskrit/prakrit should be out there for you to find! Gaul brit iberians, my advice is: write to scholars from major universities, of language in question. Ask 1 "do you know anyone who could pronounce this authentically?" 2 "if not, which modern or more recent language is closest? whom should we contact?" Then see if person(s) recommended can actually sound like warriors/characters. Watch out for fat french/eng/german/etc accent. If necessary get real voice actor to re-record. Voice actor should be completely accent free in German, English and French! EDIT: I will do old norse too! Byzantine Greek, any modern Greek fluent in katharevousa can do it. But watch out: only very educated Greeks still master katharevousa, the 'high language' abolished by the republican scum now ruling that once glorious nation. And TBH, you might consider giving up on gauls, or just try some experts and take it for what it is. That might be your greatest challenge of all. And finally don't forget that Old Persian is NOT, NOT, NOT farsi. You need a guy who can actually speak old languages like sanskrit or assyrian or akkadian, before you can expect realistic pronounciation. As always watch out for fat en/de/fr accents.
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    Hi, wait, what are you talking about ... i seem to have missed something. Just for clarification, I am talking about balancing for the map, not the overall game - just in case. Or do you mean a discussion on the patch created in the process of submission of the map which is then going to be discussed. But in order to make changes noteworthy enough for issuing a submission I would rather need a discussion beforehand, don't you think? Sorry if I am confusing things right now. Greetings mimesot
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    Etymological dictionary for Basque language: https://s3.amazonaws.com/academia.edu.documents/30873859/lxwp23-08-edb.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIWOWYYGZ2Y53UL3A&Expires=1546340201&Signature=alC56zsJ9NFdEghRwnVXmJD6k0k%3D&response-content-disposition=attachment%3B filename%3DEtymological_Dictionary_of_Basque_by_R..pdf Some interesting words: Gudari, meaning warrior/combatant (Gudu- for combat). Burtzi, meaning spike/spear/lance. Aide nagusi, meaning clan chief. Buruzagi, meaning leader, chief. Eralle, meaning killer. These are the few words relevant I found and without any borrowing from IE languages.
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    actually, slingers are perfectly mid-way between archers and skirmishers on : range, speed, and attack. That's theory. But in practice, while slingers can use their bigger range to escape quick enough inter-bumping skirmishers ; archers move just too slow to move away in time (at least on long distance) . Its seems that slingers occupy a really tiny piece of land and bump in each other very few. In my opinion, slingers should be the fastest unit moving but providing less damage than archers (which is reality quite obvious). So rather than making slingers simply a mix between archers and skirmishers ; rather make archers the best ranged ; the slingers the fastest and the skirmishers the most harmful. To summarize > Now its : (1 is the best , 2 middle, 3 the worst) skirm sling archer speed 1 2 3 range 3 2 1 attack 1 2 3 > it should be skirm sling archer speed 2 1 3 range 3 2 1 attack 1 3 2
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    Possibly, we could make the military buildings more hellenic, but keep the civilian structures Egyptian. That could be a nice divide, because the majority of the civilians were still Egyptian, but the military was Greek Styled, if not mostly Greek in manpower
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    @stanislas69 ,when will be the game in beta version?
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