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    As we haven't heard back for a couple of weeks, I've played around with a virtual machine and put together something based on this thread and my own exploration. It can be found at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#CentOS. If the instructions are (or become) incorrect, please feel free to suggest corrections.
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    I have finished Lanayru's buildings:
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    Trying to get another model done for make a difference between Athen-Mace/ Spart / Sele triremes. Reference from Osprey Ancient Greek Warships:
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    Life city update part 1 for Sparta is alive What it does ? If you are training some unit in barracks, stables, range, corral, you see there certain number of units training. For simplicity ( and for now ) unit classes does not really match, but in barracks it is melee, in range ranged and in stables, cavalry. Corral matches perfectly due to just one type of unit is available to train. Also some props was added to market to fake a life. ( Probably I ll make some better animation for them )
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    Needs patients and some tricks, your drawing was automatic converted by vector. So automatic re tracing pixels intro vectorials. I'm not satisfied I can do it better that gold. The white is difficult unless change a coin for some kind of medal with other white material.
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    White was for Umayyads while Black was for Abbassids according to the Osprey articles.
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    Isn't same, Sundiata have better accuracy. The traces are very irregulars.
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    Shields up! New animation for testudo. Fixed relic mode, ships and one error from guiinterface. And yeah, slingers have their lock too. I moved garrison action to lower priority so order should be drop resources (if you have some) / repair (if is damaged) and then garrison (if you can)
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