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    Hello, I made a balance mod for online testing Its principal objective is to rehabilate champion units and balance civilizations between them. Here is the complete list of changes. Some are kind of extreme, the mod is very experimental. - sentry tower +4 pierce damage I may add a sentrynelle tech that adds an arrow for sentry tower only but is cheaper. - stone tower +4 pierce damage - all humans +10 crush armor (catapult nerf) - citizen soldier swordsman +1.5 melee damage - removed champion trainable at barrack tech for gauls and brits - iber stone tower -50 stone cost, but can garrison maximum 5 units - maur worker elephant train time reduced to 10 seconds - maur elephant archer now cost 150f 80w - rome military camp -5 pierce damage - Instead of mercenary skirmisher, ptols will train slingers p1 (not satisfied with this change but should help) - slinger accuracy nerf and -0.5 pierce damage - infantry skirmisher -1.5 pierce damage - loom now costs 100 food/wood but gives a 100% health bonus for women - ranged cavalry units damage (and accuracy) may be adjusted in the future to follow their infantry counterparts - I temporarily gave carthage a limit of 3 embassies until i can do something better - I will probably buff elephants and rams in the future. - Each hero is now trainable only one time through all game. (Thanks @(-_-) ) - Catapults area attack now 5 pierce damage. - Spearmen +1.5 walk speed - Spartan skirtai now cost 50 metal - Added hero changes by @Hannibal_Barca ( https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1400#change-6Pes5Jtrq5P9 ) very experimental champions buff : - All regular infantry champions : -25f/w cost and -3 seconds of train time - All regular cavalry champions : -50f/w cost and -8 seconds of train time - Sword infantry champion +1 hack damage - Black cloak train time now same as other sword champs Current version : 1.0.5 Changes through all versions: champions-civs-balance.zip or champions-civs-balance.zip To install, you can drag and drop the zip file to 0AD. champions-civs-balance.pyromod
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    Hi, I've been playing 0 AD for a while and if there is a thing that I like the most is the feeling. The @#$%ing and great feeling. What is that? Is the "music-environment-faction specs" as a whole. I mean, the feeling is specially good when I play as Celtics. The music, the nature, the forest, the animals, the sunlight effects, the feeling like you are playing like a real celtic town is really good. I really enjoy 0 AD for that, the maps are very detailed and you can feel the ancient environment in your game. For that I would like tell you few points I really like of the vanilla 0 AD: 1. Citizen-soldiers: I LOVE every soldier can work and every man contribute for the success of the town. Not like just soldiers in stand-by doing nothing more than just live. Please don't make case to delenda est mod... 2. Music: Love it. 3. Maps: Skirmish maps are awesome. Treasures, and more maps with some villages or mercenary camps will be yeah! If you allow me to say some things that I think could improve the feeling could be the following: 1. higher grass: Im not sure about how can this be made but I'd like to see grass textures more like real grass, I mean higher and let the wind move it. 2. changing light through the day: dawn, mid day and sunset lights all in a game would be nice. 3. Can we see more birds in the sky? 4. More animal life... that's why I love savannah maps... lot of animals. I mean in the ancient world... animals ruled and animals sounds... 5. A bit higher buildings... more realistic 6. roads, similar to EEII or just for the feeling... 7. bridges, like EEII too 8. More music and more detailed maps... more flowers, grass, water, animals, weather, sun, buildings, totems, ruins, altars, stones, roads, this is the ancient world, we must feel that era. No more for now, I love your work 0 AD team as soon as a can I'll contribute. Nice day.
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    I made some changes, so now Hotkeys can be used to select buildings to build. F.e. if pressed "Z" (the default-setting) and a Unit is selected, now a House (because its the first element in buildings-panel) is selected and can now be placed to build by this Unit. If "Z" is pressed when a Building is selected, then still the first Unit will be build, like before. Would that be of any interest for 0 A.D. 0.23 Vanilla? @elexis
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    Hi all, my name is Astrid,and I live in Bergen,Norway. I enjoy reenactments, {Yes I participate} medieval history, HEMA,martial arts {been practicing since 7}, the dark ages,and Vikings I been gaming since I was a child,and always loved RTS games {3 things to do in Norway as a girl if you hate the mall,skii,drink or game heh} I choose the third and add nature/history to substitute for the first two lol My rl name is Astrid and my nickname ? Well I have several nicknames given to me by friends/strangers from Rapunzel to Lady Godiva to Idun to Sif because I have straight golden blonde hair that sweeps my ankles. I don't really fancy being called these nicknames,and I wear my hair up as much as I could when going in public {mind my English lol} I prefer to be called Astrid over any nickname. My husband introduced me to OAD after he got sick of AOE,and wanted a game similar,and yes he is a player also heh This game is beautiful,and fun,and I am looking forward to the release. At the moment we are having a lot of fun,and it's wonderful how playable it is just being in alpha. If you forget about the words "missing features" you can really have a nice match going. I talked enough heh Great game !
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    Ágora 0AD (@Agora_0AD) has uploaded the Christmas vs ValihrAnt matches from the champions cup.
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    BEST EVER!!! Thanks face for finally solving this issue. Heroes are just arrowfodder or cheap but strong raiders to be sacrificed.
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    Depends on the implementation. As (-_-) mentioned it's very weird if you have the same hotkey configuration but it equates to a different unit or building for each civ. It should be something like B for blacksmith for all civs. But since all civs have different civ templates, one can't use the template name as an identifier. It would either have to be an Identity class - or what I came to conclude - a hotkey identifier in the template names, such as "hotkey.building.tower" or "hotkey.building.gate_ishtar". (It's what I intended to code after the hotkey editor which I coded in 2017 but never released.) This way one could control have the game with keypresses.
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    I figured it out. Just had to delete the "1" and the "2" from the "commands1.txt" and "commands2.txt" file names. (and have the mods)
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    Interesting read, thanks for looking into this (Y)
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    Ágora 0AD (@Agora_0AD) has another video uploaded of the champions cup.
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    On the legal possibilities of having GPL licensed games on Steam, consider their documentation: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/sdk/uploading/distributing_opensource. GPL requires modified versions of GPL licensed works to be licensed under a GPL compatible license too, but Valve does not want to have their Steamworks API code released (also their application key): https://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0-faq.en.html#MereAggregation So GPL licensed projects can only use Steam by not using most Steam features and adding odd workarounds to use anything of that. Some of the features seem to be unusable entirely (for example the GPU drivers, screenshots, probably voicechat) since they would have to communicate to the separate wrapper process. So to implement video or voicechat using Steam one would have to implement a custom voicechat protocol, but then why not reuse an existing p2p voicechat protocol without reinventing it and being independent of Steam? It's many small steps from not using anything of Steam and making Steam our hoster and software API and having main features of the game depend on Valve. Other GPL licensed project examples: Warsow was submitted to Steam Greenlight on February 9, 2013and was greenlit on September 18. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125965803 but never released. Xonox is not submitted to Steam because they want to make it more stable first. They also rule out to use the Steam multiplayer services because they can't want to ditch their own platform: "There’s just no way currently we could do two way synchronisation between Xonstat and Steamworks - extracting data from Steamworks might be possible, but injection from Xonstat is impossible. In the end we might have to choose to use Steamworks and ditch Xonstat - obviously this is totally unacceptable, it’s out of the question." http://xonotic.org/posts/2013/about-xonotic-and-steam/ Blender and DosBOX - presumably don't use any of the Steamworks services, are downloadable free of charge at Steam and hence must be there for the popularity. They are also automatically updated, can only be used with Steam being started and Steam submits usage statistics to the developers (which seem like weaker reasons to use that platform in comparison to the popularity). https://store.steampowered.com/app/365670/Blender/ Worthy to note that Valve asked Blender Foundation to come onto Steam: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/1kbn7y/valve_wants_to_integrate_blender_into_steam_games/.
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    The supertuxkart Steam state wasn't clear to me. Here a summary from their blog and github: February 23, 2017, SuperTuxKart is on Steam Greenlight, http://blog.supertuxkart.net/2017/02/supertuxkart-is-on-steam-greenlight.html March 1, 2017: "WE ARE GREENLIT!!!", http://blog.supertuxkart.net/2017/03/weare-greenlit.html April-May 2017 Steam-Wrapper repository: https://github.com/hiker/steam-synchron-manager Steam TODOs on github: https://github.com/supertuxkart/stk-code/projects/2 July 8th 2017 on #supertuxkart as quoted on https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16476-steam-greenlight/&tab=comments#comment-333867 August 24, 2017 Steam Release Date? https://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7591&p=74286&hilit=steam#p74286 November 20, 2017: SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 released http://blog.supertuxkart.net/2017/11/supertuxkart-093-released.html Summary: supertuxkart is not available on Steam yet, the GPL licenses are incompatible with most Steamworks API features, can partially workaround it with a separate non-free standalone process, the team needs to register a legal entity and figure out how to apply the donation policy to Steam. I doubt one can have the Steam linux GPU drivers that were wished in February 2017 in a GPL licensed application due to the stand-alone process workaround. Commentary: At least some of the supertuxkart devs seem to wish to use the cloud, useraccount and leaderboard service. It seems a bit against the spirit of the GPL that one could not host a multiplayer lobby oneself with free software unless implementing the Steam features as a networked service oneself. It would be a bit nicer to be able to get the benefits (more players, donations?) from Steam without getting too many disadvantages (putting them in charge of the project directly legally or indirectly by service or money dependency). The next post will show in how far Steamworks API and GPL are compatible or not.
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    Some new videos from Ágora 0AD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPEieyPXxuMxQVI5cfIcnfg
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