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    I just played a bit with the latest SVN build and there seems to be a random bug with construction. A house and a storehouse wouldn't progress past 1 hit point. Re-tasking the builders on the foundation doesn't help, but building new structures works. Edit: Seems to happen with more structures as well ( a couple of farmsteads so far).
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    (It happens when a foundation is placed in the fog of war.)
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    Looks like that error comes from when you have Footprint in SelectionShape in VisualActor, but then don't have a separate Footprint element. We only use that with field and flora, and actually flora doesn't have Footprint but the things that inherit it (bush, tree) do. (Changed in rP20345 (probably shouldn't have been, my mistake).) So my guess would be that you have something that has parent = template_gaia_flora but doesn't have a Footprint set.
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    What about redoing the territory borders like it's proposed in So a clean long smooth alpha transition towards the inside of the territory. (This imho looks nicer and also has the advantage, that the player can easily distinguish inside and outside of the territory) (The art files are binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/misc/territory_border.png and binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/misc/territory_border_mask.png. The size can be changed in binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/data/territorymanager.xml.)
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    I agree with @Lion.Kanzen about dark gradient, it needs to be lighter. Also how it looks for small border shapes? Like small rings? Because it's harder to make a nice border with wider sprite.
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    I found this technique nique to enrichment your textures.specially user cloud render and noise.
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    Made other variant, iron texture less black. Going for the black and white texture.
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    The border has a smooth transition towards inside the territory. Just compare(right: old, left: new):
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