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    Hello, I am creating a document for future reference, where I will include things I've helped people with, as far as text editing and translating goes. I have translated and reviewed a large portion of the game in the Greek language, so I would like to include that in my document. What link should I add, that will allow me to prove it was actually me and let whoever enters it see the text? Thank you in advance!
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    Replying to myself based on responses on IRC by @Itms and @elexis: JavaScript tests are indeed executed by the test executable. They are listed as a single test, “TestComponentScripts test_scripts”. You can verify so by adding an error to them, such as “TS_ASSERT(false);” or a syntax error.
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    is there any good video reference for 2 handed axe? most i remember was shield/sword.
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    So, I don't know if this happens in Vanilla, because there is a distinct lack of paired techs in Vanilla, but in DE I noticed that it looks like the cost requirement for both techs in a pair must be met for me to research either one. In this shot, you see I am attempting to research Battlefield Triage for 300 food and 200 glory, which I have enough of, but the game says I have insufficient wood. Here, I am attempting to research Sluicing, which costs food and wood, but the game says I have insufficient metal.
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    The bug goes even farther: it always researches the first tech, no matter which one you select. (I wonder that nobody noticed that xD)
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    Yay the Zora guide is done, download it here: Hyrule Conquest Guide - Zora Dominion
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    Will look into that. (Ping me here, if there is nothing new regarding that in the next days)
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    These three for the Ptolemaic Royal Agema Not sure what to do with these two though
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    Hey Thanks for delivering @LordGood Ping
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    Yes, as you said, i've not enough time to support mods. But this feature looks simple enough to implement, and here is a patch which should do that. It is basically untested (i've only checked that it compiles), but can be a starting point if you or somebody else want to fix/improve it. Also, as i've no idea how many statues are enough, and i've put a max of 5, but change it to an adequate value (that max number is not used when phase requirements). cultStatue-v1.patch
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    Just my opinion: I actually love all the variation in colour, and I'm personally not the biggest fan of reducing too much variation for the sake of readability. Historicity is one of the biggest selling points of this game (as well as detail in the art and variation in units). There are many ways of finding out which units belong to who, and I hardly have difficulties differentiating between them. There are 13 civs and 8 player is the max number of players, so you should be differentiating units based on which civilisation they belong to. Alternatively, the mini-map clearly shows colour, and simply clicking a unit will also give you all of the info you need. Also epic battles were often quite chaotic, ending in all out brawls with fighters from all sides running all over the place, which is also a big part of the fun and immersion. You never really know for sure who has the upper hand until the very end, which also adds to the excitement
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