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    Hey there! As I'm doing sound design for the game I open this topic to have everything organized and updated in one place. It would be nice if you can post your requests (with examples, if possible) so I can have a "to do" list to work on. Cheers! //////// Requests so far : attack sound by Gaia.( wild animals) heroe under attack in regicide. ✓ units sound after trained. before music play after win or lose, example AOE (I) This previous to music theme. each factions needs a sound after new phase reach.( the hardest - even our last sound lead can't/don't finish this) can be nice some to start each game previously to loading screen each faction( like AOE II) reasearch sound after a technology complete. Other wonder starting Wonder finished Wonder under attack ( wonder victory) //////// Currently working on: units sound after trained. reasearch sound after a technology complete. attack sound by Gaia.( wild animals) //////// Awaiting for feedback: Start Battle UI sound (UI_Start_Battle). It could work like so: Game launches > Main theme > Start game: SFX UI_Start_Battle.ogg //////// Ready for implementation: heroe under attack in regicide. Regicide_alert.ogg
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    Hi!, I'm new here. I met the game because a friend was animating some actions of the characters. I'm really interested with the project, the game is great!. I'm animator and illustrator, I'll make some animations with the game models to show you. I'll hope you like it. (Excuse me for my poor english. I speak spanish) Cheers!
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    Thanks ! Thanks, I think it makes more sense when the player press the 'start battle' button as far as it will feel more interactive and a frontier between the menu and the actual game, However it could work as you suggest too! Thanks! Thanks, I'll work on these. I've opened a new topic so we can have all the requests and updates organized at the same place (if you can post them there would be nice so people can see that they have already been requested): Cheers
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    You are not the first to complain we still are in alpha an this is one of the many issues with he did not want to loss status from a lost game. Enjoy the Choice
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    @feneur this topic must be moved to help. Thank you.
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    Thanks I've already created the UI sound I mentioned before. As is not possitional I've made it stereo, what do you think? I'll open a new topic to have everything tidy and organized. Cheers! UI Start Battle.ogg
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    Hey everyone! Yeah, you saw that username right. I'm back. I haven't played in a while (over a year to be exact), real life stuff got in the way for quite a bit. Looking forward to getting back in the groove of things. TTYL, Timothy "Timmeh" Hamlett
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