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    I usually don't play as sparta, but: 1) As I said in the balancing topic some time ago, maybe the translation of Ekdromos Skiritai, Skiritai Commando, should be renamed: commando reminds to some kind of modern special ops unit. I propose Skiritai runner. Sources 1, 2. The explanation of why Mythos gave that name is here. 2) Maybe it could given to them spartan pikeman champs with a Cleomenes reforms tech to train them in barracks and in fortress (researched in the second building). They won't be benefited from agoge, so in late game you could have some more champs. 3) Give them walls? They already have the population malus/penalty. Or a tech that allow to build them in late game.
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    Well, IRC, technically only Seleucids have pikeman champs. The entity template of carth Sacred Band it's showed as pikeman (should be renamed to spear?) and Sparta have pikeman champs that can't be trained right now.
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    - Target priority is quite an issue in many RTS games and I don't think there's an easy way to handle it. IMO the default behavior should be good in most situations but maybe not always the best (I wrote a priority order that would IMO work quite well but I can't find it ATM). In the situation with buildings and units that are attacking your units it is not so easy to determine what's best to do (e.g. chasing faster units with longer range with an unit AI withdrawing those units - or the units attacking your units are behind an obstruction like a wall - ignoring buildings will make your units do no damage at all instead of not that much damage to enemy buildings - which is still better) is not really to ignore buildings but only attack those if no enemy - unit or building - is in range to attack that unit of yours. - AFAIK sanderd17 is about to rewrite/work on formations. That may take a while and involve some work on the pathfinder as well. I don't like that army movement colums as well. For me it is an absolutely fundamental necessity that units can be given an order, all at once but as given to each unit seperately - somehow a non-formation formation (Both for testing the pathfinder as well as testing if the usage of formations is actually of any use at all - gameplay wise - which I doubt to be honest). - Every now and then units should check for better targets. Actually they could do that every time they are about to attack. Distance to the target is only one point in priority that could be used to chose the "best" target. - Maybe all units should add to the attack of a building independent of the unit type. That would at least fix the strange thing not to garrison females. Otherwise: Yea, basically common RTS sense (mass matters - more than linear).
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